🌟 10+ Years later…🌟

Thank you all for the kind and funny messages and comments on my personal project idea. I definitely didn’t expect so many of you to come forward for this. It was lovely to be reminded of how many kids are out there for whom I once took beautiful portraits.

Now, 10+ years later, I thought, what if I could bring them back and create some more beautiful portraits, listen to their stories, and just have a nice experience. Imagine if I’ll be bringing them back after another 10 years. That would blow my mind; I think I should hold up well to do that. I better get on with those exercises I’ve been planning to do for the past two years, ha ha.


Here are the testers I did for Anabella. Can’t believe she is 12 already and starting big school this year.

She really enjoyed seeing her portrait in the frame and printed. I think many kids these days don’t get this experience as we are just flipping through photos on our phones, quickly moving to the next one and not taking the time to appreciate portraits. Once you see one in the flesh, they do stop and spend some time soaking it in.

For Annabella, there was a portrait I took of her last year, and she mentioned it makes her more confident and happy seeing it every day in her room.

So we will spend some time after creating beautiful portraits of kids as well. Some with frame and then some on their own.

Bring your whole family and have nice updated family portraits.

Project goal and what it will entail.

In a nutshell, the project is about bringing kids back and creating their 10+ years after portraits. Ideally, you have a full-resolution file from their newborn session and we would pick a portrait which shows their face the best. Then this portrait will be printed and matted to be placed in the frame. This is if you would love to have this mounted portrait in your house. If not then we would insert digital file.

What you would get
– Portrait experience
– Mounted portrait from the newborn session (optional)
– Digital Portrait of your child (main model)


If we are doing a full family session (I hope many of you will take advantage of this opportunity), I will offer you a very special ‘welcome back’ offer. £295 for a full set of soft-edited digital files + I will add £100 credit towards your wall portrait. This is a no-brainer if you ask me :) Normally, families would invest anywhere from £850 and up for their portraits. You all know what you paid for your portraits :) This is optional of course as the main goal is kids really.

There will be £50 refundable deposit to book the slot (my standard procedure to make sure people show up) If you choose family experience then it will go towards your final purchase.


Would you be interested including full family?(Required)
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