edinburgh best engagement photographer-1Hello everyone. Catching up on my wedding work and really pleased to share with you a fun Archerfield house pre wedding photo session with Gillian and Gary.

Location, location, location

You can see all information on Archerfield House weddings here. I have visited the venue before, but more for the spa treatments.  This probably is one of the most awesome summer venues I have seen so far. Loved the feel about the venue and where it was located. Right next to the beach. This means if you have beautiful weather on wedding day, photos on the beach will be great. It is a bit covered with stones and rocks, but still you can create some impressive wedding photos there.  Getting ready rooms or I should say houses are amazing size and space. For photographer this is heaven lots of great available light and lots of little details to photograph. I’m so excited to share with you actual wedding images. You will see what I mean.  Boys and girls will be getting ready at the venue, but houses are actually very nicely tucked away from each other and just few min walk from each other.

Whole area is enclosed by pine tress and it was so much reminding me my home country beach. Boys house has an interesting scandinavian feel to it. Lots of wood and and clean simple shapes. Just love it.

Me and guys arrived one evening and just wanted to have some fun on the beach and do some simple and fun pre wedding portraits. I have scouted few nice spots for photos and couldn’t wait to see how it will look in photos.

They were very relaxed during whole period and we had so much laugh and smiles. Brilliant atmosphere and awesome photos as a result.

Here is our little selection.

Archerfield House pre Wedding Photography

archerfield house pre wedding photos-2

archerfield house pre wedding photos-3

archerfield house pre wedding photos-4

romantic pre wedding photos archerfield-3

romantic pre wedding photos archerfield-4

romantic pre wedding photos archerfield-7

romantic pre wedding photos archerfield-5

romantic pre wedding photos archerfield-6

romantic pre wedding photos archerfield-1

romantic pre wedding photos archerfield-2

fun archerfield house pre wedding photos-1

fun archerfield house pre wedding photos-2

romantic pre wedding photos archerfield-8

romantic pre wedding photos archerfield-9

romantic pre wedding photos archerfield-10

fun archerfield house pre wedding photos-3

fun archerfield house pre wedding photos-4

fun archerfield house pre wedding photos-5

As you can see we had awesome time. Happy and romantic images.  Can’t wait to show you their wedding photos.

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Thank you for coming along.