Hello everyone, today I will share with you Sophia-Belle’s Bump to Baby Photography Plan. It was her second baby photo shoot in Edinburgh studio. Check out all of her session at bump to baby plan page.

Remember during the newborn session I was talking about union jack design trunk? During the newborn session, we used mums wedding dress box and decided to make a continuous story with Sophia-Belle sitting on it. I think it is a great idea and she loved it. I asked the parents to bring it back so we can photograph the next milestone.

I’m one of the leading Edinburgh baby photographers and really love to see when little ones are coming for their milestone sessions. Creating these development photos is such an honour for me. Time is flying fast and before I know it it is already next stage 6 month session for them.

Baby photo shoot with Sophia-Belle 2

The beauty of 6 months sitter stage photoshoots is that babies tend to be super smiley and they can’t run away from the set. They would either smile and play or roll on their backs and play with their feet. I consider this to be one of the easier baby photo sessions within a years window.

Baby photo shoot with Sophia-Belle 3

You can bring a few changes and show off those beautiful dresses. Check out my baby photography page where you can see how these photoshoots could look like.

Baby photo shoot with Sophia-Belle 4

I love these sessions as you can create beautiful expressive family photos too. These can be smiley, or sometimes very serious looks. Babies generally would show off their character very well.

Baby photo shoot with Sophia-Belle 5

We photographed a few images against dark and few against light backgrounds to show variation. It was funny to see that Sophia-Belle has a little light brown tip of the nose and when she laughs she scrunches it a bit :) Love these small details.

Baby photo shoot with Sophia-Belle 6

I’m looking forward to seeing her back for her birthday session and can’t wait to see her all covered with cake :) Also planning to introduce my bath sessions as well. See how much water they can splash everywhere :)

Here are more baby photos from our baby stage images.

Baby photo shoot with Sophia-Belle 13

Love last image and her expression :) Very Sophia-Belle :)

Thank you all for coming along.

For those of you who are looking for nice baby photography and still haven’t seen my portfolio, please visit the baby portfolio page. To book your newborn photography session please feel free to contact the studio.

See you very soon with the next story.



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