cake smash photography edinburgh-012Oh my, I have something very cute to show you. We had lots of giggles, splashes and cake destruction. What else would you want for your first birthday, just a happy day! Annaliese definitely had a day like that :)

It was great to see her again. Photographed beautiful newborn session with her as well and it is always amazing to see how much little ones have grown.  Birthday photo sessions are always fun and laughter.

Here is what Annaliese’s mum said about her experience.

“Armands had taken Annaliese’s newborn baby photos and at that point I always knew that we would return when Annaliese reached the milestone of turning one. At the time we even spoke about using the same props again to show how much she had grown in a year. As the time approached for her turning one I decided that I would love the photos to actually be taken on her first birthday. That way the magic in her eyes and her smile would be captured forever and looking back at the photos I would always be able to tell her that they were taken on her special day. When we arrived I think Armands thought my mum, Annaliese and I were moving in but still he laughed and we quickly talked about what we would do. Charlie Caterpillar was a must because it would clearly show how much Annaliese had grown. As for the shawl, the bracelet and the balloons we put our trust in Armands. The shawl is very special as it was knitted by my Oma for me coming home from hospital and Annaliese is named after her. Armands took us through his thoughts and a plan was formulated. I have to say Annaliese had a ball! So did we. The photos captured so many of expressions that I see from Annaliese throughout our adventures together. I think you can really see how much fun was had in the photographs. The caked smash has extra significance because it was actually her first birthday. What better way to have fun on your first birthday! Annaliese is my first child and my mums first grandchild and as such we want to savour every single moment and capturing milestones and special times are priceless x”


Here is Annaliese’s cake smash gallery.

Cake Smash Photography

newborn photography edinburgh-025

Here you can see how much she has grown. We brought Charlie back to do some riding shots.

cake smash photography edinburgh-001

cake smash photography edinburgh-002

cake smash photography edinburgh-005

cake smash photography edinburgh-007

Just love this shot under the blanket.

cake smash photography edinburgh-008

cake smash photography edinburgh-009

cake smash photography edinburgh-010

cake smash photography edinburgh-011

cake smash photography edinburgh-013

cake smash photography edinburgh-014

cake smash photography edinburgh-015

cake smash photography edinburgh-016

cake smash photography edinburgh-017

cake smash photography edinburgh-018

cake smash photography edinburgh-019

cake smash photography edinburgh-020

cake smash photography edinburgh-021

I definitely need a caption for the bath photo :)

cake smash photography edinburgh-022

cake smash photography edinburgh-023

cake smash photography edinburgh-024

cake smash photography edinburgh-025

cake smash photography edinburgh-006

As you can see we had a whole range of expressions and moments. Loved every bit of this session.

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