baby photography edinburgh-001Hello everyone. I’m really happy to share an update session with little Charlotte. Couple month ago I went to photograph her 1st birthday party. Now I will share a cake smash photography story with her. That would be sort of her photography’s 1st birthday  :)

I made a little shortened version of our photography journey here. See Charlotte’s story here.

Most of you know that I have followed Charlotte for more than a year now and we have managed to create some really special memories for family. Connection is been really great and I look forward to keep following her for long time.

I still remember that first time when I saw this really tiny, tiny soul. It was the first time in my life I have seen so fragile little baby. The least I could say I was a bit overwhelmed at the time. Especially when you sit and work on images and suddenly it counts on you how special all this is.

baby bath photography-002Charlotte looks very different now. Grown so much and is really smiley little rascal :) It was so much fun to see her again. We made few simple set images and we did little tea party set as well. That was a little new to me, but looked very cute :)

baby photography edinburgh-002

baby photography edinburgh-003

baby photography edinburgh-004

baby photography edinburgh-005

baby photography edinburgh-006

baby photography edinburgh-007

It wouldn’t be my session if I wouldn’t do a family photo. We did few of those as well. I actually really like these. Normally I take one straight on portrait, but this time there was nice interaction between family. You just can see how much she is loved.

baby photography edinburgh-008

baby photography edinburgh-009

I love my darker portraits and working on new dark background options as we speak. I think darker photos create that more timeless look. I think I’m a bit nostalgic about my own baby photos. All done on dark backgrounds and have very serious face expressions :)

Here is little set of charlottes darker background baby portraits. Well…maybe not so serious as my own photos :)

baby photography photos-001

baby photography photos-002

baby photography photos-003

baby photography photos-004

What would be cake smash photography sessions without the cake. Charlotte didn’t need invitation to do trash the cake and was really into it. Smashing was nicely done and I think she really loved the taste of it :)

Cake smash photography gallery

cake smash photography-001

cake smash photography-002

cake smash photography-003

cake smash photography-004

cake smash photography-005

cake smash photography-006

cake smash photography-007

cake smash photography-008

Love that last expression shot. She loved pulling faces and laugh together with her dad. Must say mum and dad did a great job keeping her entertained and happy. Very often it is teamwork with me and family to get the best out of kids.

After every cake smash we do our signature bath shots. Here I must stop and say that in 3 years Charlotte has managed to be the best splash master. Water was everywhere and I loved it. So many action shots and she definitely was over the moon about bath part.

baby bath photography-001

Edinburgh cake smash photography - Charlotte

Thank you again to the family for coming along and taking part in this venture. It was my absolute pleasure to create for you one more beautiful set of photographs.

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