Hello everyone. Cake smash sessions can be so entertaining and fun. Mila-Rose came for her first birthday photo session. What would be the better way to celebrate 1st birthday as to get it done with fun baby cake smash portrait photography. Mila-Rose enjoyed the whole process of the photo session and it was so much fun for her.

First we started with few nice portrait images. She was a bit shy at the start, but this is just normal baby reaction on stranger who makes funny faces and noises :) After we did few nice photos with baking process we started with most fun part of baby photo session. Of course it was cake smash photos.

Cake is baked by one of local bakers. It took us some time to find right recipe to make soft and not too sweet cakes. Very often this is the first time when baby would taste something chocolaty and quiet sweet. Cake has to be quiet soft for little ones to brake it and also sticky enough to create some mess of face :) This is why I prefer baked cakes over the ones in the shops with icing on top.

We finished session with nice bubbly bath. Mila-Rose really loved the bath part, but at the end got so tired that wanted just to get out of it. Managed to capture a bit more unusual images of her being under weather as well. I still think it is cute and to be honest, mums very often what to see other side of their babies as well. I love some of our daughters photos when se is grumpy and making faces to express that :) It is all part of their personalities.

Hers some images from out cake smash photo session.

Cute baby photos

Cute birthday baby photos

Cute birthday cake baking

Mila-Rose wanted to taste everything around my studio…

Cute birthday cake baking

After seeing broken egg our baking session was over :) My daughter really doesn’t like broken eggs as well.

cake smash cupcake

Tasty cake smash cupcake.

baby body romper for photo sessions

Ta da look on my outfit. This body romper is one of most desired for the cake smash sessions.

cake smash photo session

baby cake smash photo session Edinburgh

baby cake smash photo session Edinburgh

baby cake smash photo session Edinburgh

birthday cake smash photo session Edinburgh

birthday cake smash photo session Edinburgh

As you can see Mila-Rose was really busy with eating her cake and definitely enjoyed it.

bubble bath photo session

Time for bubbly bath…look at that happy face.

bubble bath photo session

bubble bath photo session in Edinburgh studio

bubble bath photo session in Edinburgh studio

bubble on the nose photo session

Bubbles on the nose.

grumpy bubble bath photo

bubble bath before the sleep time

All this bath time was simply too much and Mila-Rose wanted to go for a nap :)

fun bubble bath photography session

Wanted to finish this gallery with a cute bubble bath duck image.

Like you can see here we really loved this session and Mila-Rose managed to have a lot of entertaining time during her birthday cake smash session.

 You can see my baby cake smash photography portfolio here and if you are living in Edinburgh or surrounding areas you can contact my photography studio here

Thank you all for coming along and look around my blog to see more of similar sessions.