Hi everyone. Today I want to share with you one more baby model photos. Mason came to try out his moves and did very well. Loved how he was pulling expressions and his hair is awesome! Really happy with this session and definitely few of these photographs will go in my portfolio. In fact they are already there :)

Here is Mason’s set of photos.

Edinburgh baby photographer


Edinburgh baby photographer.1

Edinburgh baby photographer.5

Edinburgh baby photographer.

Edinburgh baby photographer.2

Edinburgh baby photographer.3

Edinburgh baby photographer.6

Edinburgh baby photographer.7

Edinburgh baby photographer.4

Edinburgh baby photographer

How do you like his cheeky face? Love last image cuteness as well :)

Those who are after my modelling calls and want to come please follow my Facebook page there you can apply for model calls and all sorts of other things.

Thank you all for coming along. Thank you to family for bringing Mason along, he is awesome. Sounds cool Mason awesome :)



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