Wanted: First time dad's who are in love with their babies.

I am looking for first time dads who couldn’t wait to become fathers and who would be happy to express their love to their babies.

I would love to build a fine art dad and baby collection for my studio wall. A piece of wall art that would inspire many other dads and mums.

Let’s celebrate this special time in your life by having an amazing photography experience.

King Bedroom newborn portrait 1


  • Babies would need to be up to 4 weeks old.

  • Both parents would need to be present and happy to be photographed

  • After receiving your submission form, I will give you a call to find out more about you

  • Fill out all questions on the form

As a special thanks to you

you will receive a £380 gift certificate for your photography experience and any product purchases.


When and Where:

A-Fotografy sessions will take place through the months of April at Armands studio on London road Edinburgh.

What do I get?

Amazing photography experience with one of the best photographers in Edinburgh. All who participate will receive £380 gift certificate towards experience and any product purchases to say thank you.

Will you do any portraits of the baby alone?

My main focus will be on dad and newborn portraits, but yes in between I will be doing family photos and baby alone portraits too.

Can I purchase photographs?

Yes, of course, you do have the opportunity to purchase photographs at the ordering session.
As a guide, most clients invest £500 and upwards. There is an option to split the payments.

How long does the shoot take?

Photography sessions will take around 3 hours.


Once we receive your form, we will give you a call to find out more about you.