Edinburgh Baby Massage at Scents of Wellbeing.

As part of my Bumps to Babies Bundle project, I will start doing guest interviews with local pregnancy and baby businesses. I would like to give you more insight into specific services and what the are benefits of using them. Today I would like to talk about baby massage.

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I met Anne at the Pregnancy and Baby show I organised back in 2014. Since then, we kept in touch and referred businesses to each other.  I was very interested to find out more about the process and benefits of her service. As a parent myself, I was wondering should I use it, could it be beneficial for my child?  Curious, I approached Anne to attend one of her classes to see what she was teaching and how the class was run.

Wow, you will definitely enjoy her classes!  For some reason my idea was that the class would be more specifically regimented, like you press here, you do this, and you do that only.  It was nothing like that.  It was so much fun and interactive at the same time, while also being very educational.  Mums really enjoyed the process and babies loved being massaged!  There was some singing, baby giggles, and a very positive atmosphere.

There were course materials provided such as massage oils for each mum, and space to leave your buggy.  Classes are run in Edinburgh West end at Mullbery House.

We also created this little video talking about her services.


Edinburgh baby massage classes by Scents of Wellbeing

I asked Anne few questions to give you better idea about her and her services.

Tell me about yourself and how you came about to work with babies.

My name is Anne Young and I live and work in Edinburgh as a Complementary Therapist and Baby Massage Instructor. I’m married and a mum to two daughters. I started my business Scents of Wellbeing after attaining a BSc in Complementary Therapies with Distinction in 2005.

When I first trained in massage, I was working mainly with adults, but found at home my daughters were more than willing to let “mummy practice on them” and my one daughter in particular who had issues sleeping use to fall asleep–which was amazing!  This led me to train to be a Baby Massage Instructor and undertake additional training in Child Massage. For any parent or caregiver, this is such a fabulous way to interact with their wee one, allowing communication with their baby, picking up on baby’s verbal and non-verbal cues, and learning to understand their baby’s special and unique needs.  This enhances the process of bonding with baby on a physical and emotional level. The power of touch to soothe and heal is instinctive. If a baby cries, for example, we may cuddle them or rub their back. Massaging your baby is an extension of this natural impulse.

What would be massage benefits for You and Baby?

– It is a great way of strengthening your bond with your baby.
– It can help you become more confident with handling your baby and better at recognising their needs.
– Your baby’s muscles relax, breathing becomes deeper, and the oil nourishes your baby’s skin. Skin stimulation also provides a vital trigger to the nervous system.
– It can also provide relief – massaging your baby’s tummy, for example, can help ease colic, constipation or trapped wind.
– Massaging raises levels of the ‘feel-good’ hormone oxytocin in both you and your baby, helping you both feel calmer and relaxed, which in turns helps to promote relaxation and sleep.

Tell me about your baby massage classes

Baby Massage classes offer you and your baby a tranquil, safe place to relax and learn the beautiful art of baby massage. During class, time is given to discuss the health and wellbeing benefits massage offers you and your baby. Refreshments are provided, allowing time to chat and share experiences regarding common baby care topics with other parents while also giving you the opportunity to make new friends. If you are a first time parent, this social contact can be especially valuable.

One-to-One and Private Group Sessions

In addition to regular baby massage classes, I also offer one-to-one sessions which can be done in the comfort of the parents’/caregivers’ own home. My experience also includes: supporting parents who have babies and children with special needs and parents of twins or multiple births. I also offer private group sessions and these can be arranged at a time and day to suit the group and usually one mum acts as the hostess for the baby massage sessions at her home.

Where can we find you.

Scents of Wellbeing Edinburgh baby massageThursday mornings 10.30am – 11.30am

Mulberry House, 21 Manor Place,

Edinburgh, EH3 7DX


Mobile: 07811 073 202

Email: anne@scents-of-wellbeing.co.uk

Web: www.scents-of-wellbeing.co.uk