home session baby pictures -005Hello everyone. Very often I get to asked if I do baby pictures at home. When I started my photography business I used to go to clients homes quiet a lot. More I was doing this, more challenging it started to become. I wanted to experiment and achieve creative poses. I was always limited to space and light. One day I decided to give up this and started to work from studio.

Recently I started to photograph kids at homes. This is part of my day in life project. I wanted to create more organic photos. Like almost in the moment and me just recording whatever was happening in front of me. I feel that this would be more personable to the family and more candid.

I photographed little Romeo’s newborn photos and wanted to see him again. I loved idea of coming to see him at home, rather then taking studio portraits. I felt that maybe I should simplify my in house sessions and do more simple portraits. I really love outcome of this session. Romeo was a bit tired and wasn’t so much up for posing, but still managed to do amazing photos. We had beautiful family photos, two brothers together and of course star himself :)

Photos came out really nice and love how I managed to get the same pose what we did during newborn baby photo session.
baby pictures -001

We had more sleepy baby shots with brother.

home session baby pictures -003
home session baby pictures -004
home session baby pictures -006
home session baby pictures -007

We had some cute book reading and cuddle times with mummy :)

home session baby pictures -008
baby pictures at home-002
baby pictures at home-003
baby pictures at home-004
baby pictures at home-005
baby pictures at home-010 copy
baby pictures at home-001

Got family on the bed and did series of beautiful photos.

baby pictures at home-006
baby pictures at home-007
baby pictures at home-008
baby pictures at home-009
baby pictures at home-010
baby pictures at home-011
baby pictures at home-012
baby pictures at home-013
home session baby pictures -001

After all this fun we moved to the kitchen. Before I left, I managed to capture few messy shots too.

home session baby pictures -009
home session baby pictures -010
home session baby pictures -011

Ignore the wallpaper, nothing to do with clients taste :)
home session baby pictures -012

I’m really happy how the baby session turned out. Romeo was a good boy and let me to create some very special photos for family :)

Can’t wait to do more of these type of sessions. So much fun.