One more lovely review story from my portrait client. This time I will share with you Tara’s testimonial about her experiences while I was taking for her baby pictures. We have done three photo sessions now. It is awesome to see families growing and enormous privilege to be part of these special family events. This year I will start to see families who are coming back to me with their third child already. Practically they have been with me since I started my photography journey. 

Edinburgh baby photographer 3

Here is Tara’s story

We’ve now had 3 family sessions with Armands. We found out about him from searching the internet for baby photographers in Edinburgh and also from friends photos on facebook which looked exactly like what we wanted.

The grandparents have a portrait photo of each of their grandchildren age 1 so we wanted to add to their collection! That was the initial reason, we’ve ended up with so many more photos!

Our eldest wasn’t the easiest subject! But Armands patience, enthusiasm and total understanding of our son was spot on! After trying for an hour Armands suggested we come back (at no extra charge) in a few weeks once our son settled in his new nursery, as he felt this new episode in our sons life was probably contributing to his uneasiness. Armands was right. The second session went alot better.

Our second child was 10wks premature so after a rocky start in hospital we wanted to capture him as soon as we could. Again, Armands and his assistance were amazing.We were quite anxious as our son was so small but Armands was brilliant with him, so caring and gentle.

Our 3rd session was the most hectic, a 3 yr old and 18month year old were set to cause mayhem but Armands was unbeatable! He has so much energy and absolute understanding of the children, and he makes it so much fun for them, even letting our eldest use his camera!! We were exhausted just watching!

But Armands is very in tune as to how everyone is feeling during the shoot and when we needed a break and when to just sit and relax before the next shot. All the shots we requested came out brilliantly and Armands is great at suggesting other poses that we hadn’t thought of. He really does think out the box! A fantastic photographer with a wonderful personality. We can’t thank him enough for capturing our treasured memories.


Story in baby pictures.

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Took only small selection of photos to show how it all went. Those boys will be great team, most likely mummy and daddy will need to do a lot of leg work to deal with them. Full of energy and attention span just WOW. 

As you saw from the review, I love challenges and running around with kids. This time I even had to promise some camera time for eldest brother :) It is always fun how you can’t play your own game, it always has to be their game first and only then you can hope that they might do something what you want them to do. This is especially tricky if you work in studio. In outdoors environment it seems working more easy. Try to plan your family shoots for summer time :) More options. 

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