Dalhousie Castle wedding photography-009Today I will share a little story about Andrew’s and Laura’s pre wedding photo session at Dalhousie Castle. These would be sort of engagement photos with a little practise before the big day.

Andrew and Laura met during the training tour. They both are into athletics and share the passion. During the tour they got to know each other and by end of tour they discovered a spark and relationship started to develop. Despite Andrews very muscular good looks, he is very caring and loving inside. He loves helping others and supporting them with whatever he can. I think this is what attracted Laura to Andrew and of course that smile :)

During the session they both were a bit on shy side, but at the same time both were supporting each other. Laura was shying away from camera and Andrew was trying to encourage her, cuddle her and here and there tickle. We will do a lot less tickle on the big day :) I found the connection between them very sweet.

When I met them first time, I straight away thought that of wow, he is very like macho looking guy. Very sort of formal and strong. After talking just a little bit I saw how both of them opening up and laughing. I loved the fact that they were both very open about things and relaxed.

They both bring closeness as their main importance in relationship. During the session I noticed that they love to cuddle each other a lot. Laura rolls closer to Andrew and definitely loves how Andrew wraps his hands around her.

This was interesting moment during the session. I asked Andrew to sit down for his own portrait. I straight away noticed that he wasn’t 100% sure about it :) I asked Laura to join him and loved how he needed a little encouragement from her. Personally I think this is very sweet. Engagement Photos Scotland-005 Dalhousie Castle wedding photography-004 Dalhousie Castle wedding photography-007 Dalhousie Castle wedding photography-001

Dalhousie gives photographers very good scoop of various indoors and outdoors possibilities.

Engagement Photos Scotland-003

One of the reason why Andrew and Laura hired me was they wanted a bit of an edge to their wedding photos. I love experimenting and trying to find something interesting to work with. I loved this staircase and have few great ideas. At the moment it looks like ehhh… but trust me on the day it will be look great :) I visualise Laura in dress and I know this will be awesome.

Engagement Photos Scotland-004
Engagement Photos Scotland-006
Engagement Photos Scotland-001
Engagement Photos Scotland-002
Engagement Photos Scotland-022

Love this photo so much. Tried to make this more posed photo, but at the end just a simple natural pose looked the best.

Engagement Photos Scotland-021
Engagement Photos Scotland-020
Engagement Photos Scotland-019
Engagement Photos Scotland-018
Engagement Photos Scotland-012
Engagement Photos Scotland-013
Engagement Photos Scotland-011
Engagement Photos Scotland-014
Engagement Photos Scotland-017

Engagement Photos Scotland-016

A bit of signature grass shots :) We had a great weather and I just could not resist to get them down on grass.

Dalhousie Castle wedding photography-023Engagement Photos Scotland-015
Engagement Photos Scotland-010
Engagement Photos Scotland-009

More hugs and closeness.

Engagement Photos Scotland-008
Engagement Photos Scotland-007 Dalhousie Castle wedding photography-017 Dalhousie Castle wedding photography-019 Dalhousie Castle wedding photography-014

Look forward to photograph their big day and I have a grand photo ideas for guys. It will be awesome fun filled day. Excited and can’t wait.

Check my pre wedding and engagement photography portfolio here. 

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