weddings broxmouth park-001Hello everyone. Few weeks ago I invited Danielle and Iain to do Broxmouth Park pre wedding photos. They have chosen one of my favourite boutique wedding venues.

Always love to go back to Broxmoth Park and meet lovely owner Simon. This time I went there to research more what I could do at the Broxmouth during spring weddings. I have two weddings there during May. Simon took me around to show forest and told me how during spring time there will be loads of blooming white garlic flowers.  You could smell it already, really garlicky :) When flowers will bloom it will be amazing photos there.

I always take my couples for pre wedding sessions to explain them various options for their wedding photos. After we have done photos, we would decide what we would like to do on the day. The challenging bit is when you have photographed few weddings there already, you try to introduce few new concepts and try to find new locations for photos. I always love this part and couples feel much more confident on the wedding day as well.

Here is little bit about Danielle and Iain. I asked them to tell you a bit more about who they are and why they have chosen the venue.

” Iain and I met through friends on a night out in Glasgow Jan 2008. Iain lived in Edin and me in Glasgow.
A few days after that night out I got a random text message asking me to go for dinner….but no name at end of message. It was Iain..he just didn’t know how to use the “1st ever iPhone” back then.
We travelled the world together in 2010 visiting over 14 countries including Southern Africa, India, New Zealand; Vietnam etc etc.
Iain popped the question at the ruins of St Anthony’s Chapel on Arthur’s Seat (the same place we went on our first ever Edinburgh date many years ago) 2 days later he brought me to the Maldives!
We chose Broxmouth as it is a beautiful location on the coast and we have both always had an affinity with the coast. Iain has a love for surfing and me the ocean. We loved the gardens, huge tree, lake and that it was near the beach. With Broxmouth we have the freedom to add our own little special touches to the day!! Also it is a good location for all our family and friends who are travelling from Ireland.

Our pre-session wedding shoot was super and a lot of fun. It was wonderful to spend a day with such a passionate, exciting photographer. Armands made it really easy and relaxing despite the cold and crazy waves:) “


Lets have a look on their photos now.
broxmouth park pre wedding photos-001

Famous Broxmouth park tree. Looks even more awesome during the night time.

weddings broxmouth park-004

weddings broxmouth park-002

weddings broxmouth park-003

broxmouth park pre wedding photos-004

broxmouth park pre wedding photos-005

broxmouth park pre wedding photos-006

Loved to be under these trees. Feels like you are enclosed by them. Branches are all around you.

broxmouth park pre wedding photos-008

weddings broxmouth park-008

broxmouth park pre wedding photos-011

weddings broxmouth park-010

broxmouth park pre wedding photos-010

broxmouth park pre wedding photos-007

The ground will be all covered with wild garlic flowers. Can’t wait to see this. Photos will be awesome. I always guys to do a fun walk just to see what they will come up with :) Iain definitely took this part very seriously :) What a moves.

weddings broxmouth park-007

weddings broxmouth park-006

broxmouth park pre wedding photos-003

weddings broxmouth park-012

weddings broxmouth park-011

weddings broxmouth park-014

weddings broxmouth park-015

broxmouth park pre wedding photos-002

broxmouth park pre wedding photos-012

Photos by the lake. It was perfect day to be there. On the day we will take more pier shots. Didn’t do much this time as I know they will look awesome anyway.

broxmouth park pre wedding photos-014

We went to the sea side. This was the first time when I actually saw the beach there. It was very windy day, but I loved how waves were hitting the rocks. If the tied is out, the beach is nice a white. I look forward to come back here on the wedding day. I think this will be awesome and it is just literally few minutes away from the venue.

Dunbar wedding photography-005

Dunbar wedding photography-006

Dunbar wedding photography-007

Dunbar wedding photography-008

Dunbar wedding photography-010

Dunbar wedding photography-009

broxmouth park pre wedding photos-020

Iain loves surfing, so I definitely wanted to make a use of the surf board :) Then we did more cuddly images and I just loved what we could do in the long grass. I think these images will show that guys are now really relaxed. Showing more emotions and love :)

Danielle was really not sure about the photos, but I think, once she sees these, she will be happy. They both did very well and I’m really happy how images have turned out.

weddings at broxmouth park -001

weddings at broxmouth park -002

weddings at broxmouth park -003

weddings at broxmouth park -004

weddings at broxmouth park -005

weddings at broxmouth park -006

weddings at broxmouth park -007

weddings at broxmouth park -008

weddings at broxmouth park -009

weddings at broxmouth park -010

weddings at broxmouth park -011

broxmouth park pre wedding photos-009

Awesome last image of the set. Now just need to wait when big day comes and have loads of fun :)

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