edinburgh engagement shoot -1Mouse LOVES Dragon.

Yes I can just imagine what are you thinking right now. What? Mouse? What??? from the moment when I met these guys, I knew this will be something special. 

Meet mouse and dragon. Tracy and John :) We did our Edinburgh engagement shoot/pre wedding session and it was fantastic time. This is a session when guys get to know me a bit better and I also get to boss my couples around to get them to know what sort of photographs i would be creating for them. It is always fun and even most shy guys have to work their best moves :)

Edinburgh engagement shoot

Edinburgh Mansfield Traquair pre wedding photography-001

Edinburgh Mansfield Traquair pre wedding photography-002

Not only I loved idea to photograph their big day in one of the top wedding venues in EdinburghMansfield Traquair, but also that their wedding days will be on New Years eve. I can’t wait to document their big day.

I asked Tracy to tell me what she likes and about John and her answer actually didn’t surprise me she said

‘I don’t actually like him Armands! Lol’ I just love this couple and how they teas each other and make each other laugh :)

But to be more one serious side, here is what they said about themselves.

‘We met in the winter of 2004 on a night out and got together in March 2005. Tracy finally managed to tie me down! Tracy was a physio student and I was an aspiring pro rugby player. We met through rugby and our lives have been pretty much dominated by the sport ever since! We’ve been blessed with having so much of the same hobbies, interests & points of view throughout our relationship. Although there were a lot of hurdles in the early stages (I lived in France for a while and Tracy was in Australia for some time too), we’ve managed to build a full, loving and ridiculously fun life together over the last 10 years! We’re now looking forward to the big day in a few weeks time so we can start the next chapter.’

Actually Tracy loves John and here is short snipped what she said about him. ‘Seriously….I love his determination and his loyalty! He is the only person that can turn my frown upside down he makes me laugh everyday’

Love how cheeky is Tracy and how John is always playing back and being a cool guy. They so much meant to be for each other.

John said ‘I love how strong & loving Tracy is. She gives everything 100% and always puts other people first. She is also quite nice to look at, I suppose!’ Of course John had to play back as well :)

So here we are. We went for the photo session. Edinburgh engagement shoot took place around various places and love the outcome of the images. Guys had a bit wild night before, but actually for first professional portrait sessions they did very well. Day was nice and chilly and John even managed to tear up a bit :) He said it was wind blowing in his eyes, but we all know in heart he is nice and loving man :)

Here is their gallery and enjoy looking trough the portraits.

Mansfield Traquair pre wedding photos-006
mansfield traquire pre wedding photos-001

mansfield traquire pre wedding photos-002

mansfield traquire pre wedding photos-003

mansfield traquire pre wedding photos-004

Edinburgh Mansfield Traquair pre wedding photography-001 copy

Mansfield Traquair pre wedding photos-004

Mansfield Traquair pre wedding photography-002

edinburgh mansfield traquire pre wedding photos-004


edinburgh engagement shoot -2

edinburgh engagement shoot -3

edinburgh engagement shoot -4

edinburgh engagement shoot -5

Scotland Edinburgh pre wedding photography-001

Edinburgh pre wedding photography-006

Edinburgh pre wedding photography-005

Edinburgh pre wedding photography-004

Edinburgh pre wedding photography-003

Edinburgh pre wedding photography-003 copy
Like I said few tears as well :)

Edinburgh pre wedding photography-002

Edinburgh pre wedding photography-001

Scottish wedding photographers Edinburgh-001

Scottish wedding photographers Edinburgh-002

I have photographed up on Calton hill for quiet few times, but never realised I can do nice skyline photo. Love this one.

Thank you all for coming along to browse trough photos.
Feel free to head up and see my wedding photography portfolio. Many more beautiful shots there.

I just today opened up my diary for 2016 bookings as well.

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