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 Lifestyle baby photography outdoors

Beautiful intimate and very personal meaning photo session. Yes, today we will talk about lifestyle baby photography at home and outdoors. I love creating these special moments portraits. Much more meaningful, even if not perfect, these baby photography portraits will transport you right back to that moment how you felt.

It’s the little moments make life beautiful.

Watch this video of how I photographed a newborn baby lifestyle photo session.

What is the lifestyle baby photography session?

Lifestyle photography means portraits will be created in a candid reportage style. Normally photo sessions take place in home. Lifestyle photoshoots aim is to create a compelling storytelling body of work. Showing environment, little details and subjects within.

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Sibling lifestyle baby photo session at home

What about poses during lifestyle photo sessions.

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The main difference between studio and in home lifestyle photography, is mainly how photographers capture the story. This very much depends on posing. Studio sessions normally are more posed and formal. Home sessions involve very little posing and direction. I do pose families for formal portraits, but the rest of the sessions is directed only depending on the light in the house. Find the best light spots and create activities there to create candid portraits of families.

How to prepare for a baby lifestyle session?

Don’t worry about tidying up and washing dishes. The most important preparation part is to relax and be natural. No need to run around and pick up things. Especially if I do a session involving baby or children, the chances are that these same things will be out of the floor again. Once I arrive we would have a chat and then we can decide if we need to adjust anything to have better-lit portraits.

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More important would be to tell me when is the best time to arrive. When the baby would be the happiest and active. Sometimes parents send me images of the house so I can determine if I need to bring extra lighting. Other than that in the next chapter we will talk about clothing preparation.

Baby lifestyle photos what to wear.

Clothing preparation for home session is probably the most important task prior to the shoot. I always recommend wearing something simple and casual. Solid colours light or dark. Try to stick with the same colour palette. Doesn’t have to be exact same colour, but similar tonality would be great.

Here I have made a video for my studio sessions, but same rules apply for the home session too.

Few more tips to help you prepare for a baby photoshoot.

  • Try to time the session for just before waking up. Babies normally need a bit of time to wake up and have some food.
  • Think about what kind of images would you like. If you are after some family photos or just baby alone.
  • If you are planning to have baby and sibling images, have a think about any activities you could give them to do together. More engaging and interesting photos.
  • If you are thinking to do a bit more formal family photos. Tell this to the photographer so when he/she arrives, they can make a decision where is the best to do that.
  • If you are doing like a few hour session in the house, have a think about what kind of activities would you like to do during this time.
  • Enjoy the session and just let the photographer document this time in your lives.

Hope this post will help you to prepare and have amazing photography experience. Check out my other guides made for parents.

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