I have photographed maternity portraits since 2011 and have learned how to create beautiful pregnancy portraits with minimal fuss. Minis were introduced to allow every new mum to have a beautiful set of portraits and to celebrate this moment in your life.

  • Up to an hour of photography time (Can extend time at extra cost)
  • Choose poses from our maternity gallery
  • Access to our pregnancy wardrobe/gowns
  • 5 Full Enhanced Portraits of Your Choice (Can have more at extra cost)
  • Partners welcome
  • Depending on availability you could add hair and make-up at extra cost.



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Real client’s galleries from Mini session photoshoots.

What are Maternity Mini Sessions?

Maternity mini sessions are tailored for families seeking a handful of beautiful pregnancy photos without the need for an extensive gallery. These sessions offer a quick in-and-out experience with a few carefully selected photos included in the package. You’ll still have access to my full collection of pregnancy gowns, but our focus will be on capturing a few key portraits.

The session lasts up to an hour in a relaxed environment filled with laughter and shared stories. Before the session, we’ll collaborate to identify your favorite poses, considering what can be achieved within the timeframe of the maternity mini-session. While not all poses may be feasible due to setup times and post-production complexities—such as elaborate float fabric poses—we strive for efficiency, ensuring we make the most of our time. If you desire more elaborate setups, it’s certainly possible, but we may need to adjust the number of poses within that hour. If needed, you can extend the session by doubling your package.

Partners are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join. Regardless of their shyness, having them present can be incredibly helpful, whether it’s fixing details on the dress or providing support and encouragement throughout the session.

I strongly believe that mums should have professional pregnancy photography. You might say that I only think that way because I’m a photographer. I am a dad too and we have gone through three pregnancies now. Honestly, my wife was resisting to get her maternity photos. There were lots of ‘I don’t like myself, look big’ and the general stress of the first pregnancy was taking over. In the end, I convinced her and from all pregnancies, we got a beautiful set of images. She is very happy now that she has these images to look back on.

maternity photography in dress

Mini Shoot poses and use of props

During the planning process, we’ll select 3-5 poses from my maternity gallery and determine their feasibility within the mini-session timeframe. Additionally, you’ll have access to my maternity wardrobe, and I’ll provide guidance on any additional clothing you may need to bring.

Here are some examples of simple maternity poses.

Kind words

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