Hello everyone. Today I would like to talk about maternity mini sessions. In the coming month, I will be raising more awareness of creating beautiful maternity photos. New mums always try to steer away from getting beautiful pregnancy photos. In the next few weeks I will announce a big poll and new mums will be able to tell me more about why they resist getting maternity photos. But that is still in future and today we are talking about mini sessions. 

Maternity mini photo shoot explained. 1

I strongly believe that mums should have professional pregnancy photography. You might say that I only think that way because I’m a photographer. I am a dad too and we have gone through three pregnancies now. Honestly, my wife was resisting to get her maternity photos. There were lots of ‘I don’t like myself, look big’ and general stress of first pregnancy was taking over. In the end, I convinced her and from all pregnancies, we got a beautiful set of images. She is very happy now that she has these images to look back on. Now a couple of them hangs on our wall and Anabella very often would say that she was in mummy’s tummy. 

maternity photography in dress

About Maternity Mini Photo Shoots

I have now done maternity mini sessions for a couple of years. It gives mums a chance to come for a shorter session and still get beautiful photos of their pregnancies. Not always you need 20 images of your pregnancy. The goal of maternity mini shoots is to give you a selection of around 3-5 good portraits.

The session lasts around an hour max and as a final product, you would receive 3 digital images for you to print. You can also choose the physical prints as your final product. You would be able to print digital files up to around 10″ size. Perfect for those smaller table frames.

Maternity mini photo shoot explained. 2
Maternity mini photo shoot explained. 3

Mini Shoot poses and use of props

Mini sessions are meant to be for few simple poses. We would focus and good full-body image, you and your partner and one closer crop portrait, like from the waist up. You would choose 3 different simple poses and we would focus the session on these poses. You would also have access to my maternity wardrobe.

Here are some examples of simple maternity poses.

Clare’s experience story from maternity mini session. 

Recently Clare came for her maternity mini photo shoot and here is what she said about her experience. 

“Having a maternity shoot wasn’t something we had initially considered when we found out we were expecting. However, after seeing the pictures of the maternity session our friends did with Armands, we were blown away by the quality of the images and knew we wanted something similar.

We met with Armands prior to the shoot to discuss what we wanted, and we were instantly put at ease with his friendly nature and enthusiasm. He asked us to choose from the selection of maternity photos on his website in order to tailor our session – narrowing the selection down to just a few photos is very difficult!

Although I have had photoshoots before, I was a little unsure what to expect with showing off my bump, and was concerned about whether I would feel comfortable in some of the poses. However, Armands was so professional and easy to work with that I soon forgot about any worries. He gave great guidance about how to stand, and made everything seem so easy. There was a good range of outfits and materials to use in the photos, which Armands can work wonders with!

It was also a lovely touch that he put my husband to good use as an assistant, arranging the materials and my hair as needed (guided by Armands). We both thought it was a really good way for him to feel involved (as by definition most of the photos were focused on me). We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during the shoot!

We have just seen the final images, and they are truly stunning. The use of lighting and materials creates some absolutely beautiful shots – I was amazed it was actually me in them! We will treasure them as a wonderful way to look back on what has been such a special time for us.

We would not hesitate to recommend Armands to anyone looking for a way to record what is an incredibly memorable time. We have already booked a newborn shoot for when our little one arrives, which, following such a great experience at the maternity shoot, we are very excited about!”

Pregnancy portraits from Clare’s gallery.

Watch Clare’s pregnancy photo sessions slideshow.

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