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Are you after AMAZING pregnancy portraits? Would you be HAPPY to work with me to get them? How about a little BOOST in your confidence? If you are READY, please read on and I look forward to hearing from you.

Maternity Rock The Dress Photoshoots 1
Maternity Rock The Dress Photoshoots 2

The goal for Rock the Dress session is to experiment and try new poses and ideas. As a result of the process, I will be able to purchase new dresses or backgrounds for the sessions. Ideas would be for example new lighting technique, sometimes these could be timeless semi-nude ideas or simply poses I have seen somewhere and would like to add them to my gallery.

I have photographed maternity session for over 10 years now. It has taken loads of practise and education to be able to achieve amazing results, to make you feel excited and confident.

Maternity Rock The Dress Photoshoots 11

I have very limited availability for Rock the Dress sessions. So forth there is certain criteria I’m looking for when planning to do these photoshoots. I will outline few key points.

– Professionally done hair and make up. I can arrange this for you.
– Willing to be guided and try new ideas. These will be shown to you either prior or during the session.
– Partner would be present and happy to be involved in couple of shots too.

Of course, this is not all about me. You will also have the possibility to choose 2-3 poses from my maternity gallery. I will then add my own 2-3 ideas and we work together.

Watch before sending a message. Video explaining Rock The Dress Sessions.
The costs of the session.

It is a flat fee of £199 and you would receive 5-10 final retouched portraits. There is an additional charge for Hair and Makeup. Depending on who is performing this, it would be around £70 for both hair and makeup.

Read FAQ to get further information.

Here is what some of my past clients have to say about their experience with A-Fotografy.
Maternity Rock The Dress Photoshoots 12

“I can’t thank Armands enough for my maternity photoshoot, I am absolutely delighted with the shots, and felt amazing doing the shoot. He’s unbelievably talented and creates his vision so easily, making you feel so comfortable at the same time.”
Gemma. Edinburgh

Maternity Rock The Dress Photoshoots 13

“I was apprehensive about my size. I was not really keen on posing in the size I was, so I gave up on the idea of maternity pics and concentrated on looking for a photographer for my newborn baby boy. I came across Armands work and fell in love with his maternity pictures. I found myself astonished with the artwork he created for us. He managed to capture the happiness that I had growing inside me.”
Nataliya. Edinburgh


Availability for Rock The Dress Sessions:

These are limited availability sessions designed specifically for me to build out my wardrobe and get more beautiful dresses for new mums to choose from. Once I am finished with wardrobe, these sessions no longer will be available.

Photo Session Layout?

These sessions would be around two hours long with different changes and setups. You can include the rest of the family and fur babies too.

When to do a maternity photoshoot?

I recommend doing maternity session anywhere between 7-8 month stage. Whenever you feel comfortable moving around. Some mums do it even earlier. This would be up to you.

Do you work with hair and make up artist? 

To get a more special experience, I can organise for you hair and make up artist for an additional fee. You will feel awesome and boost confidence too.

What do you get for £199?

  • You get a photo session
  • 5 fully enhanced maternity portraits in digital format for you to print
  • Use of my current maternity wardrobe
  • Choice of 2-3 poses and I will add my own 2-3 ideas

Once we receive your form, we will give you a call to discuss. It will be either myself or Lorraine, my helper.

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