Hello everyone, thank you for coming along to check one more beautiful newborn photography gallery. Today you will see here one family coming for three different newborn sessions. I provide newborn photography not only in Edinburgh, but clients come from further afield like Midlothian and Fife areas.

Midlothian newborn photography with baby on the horse sadde
Fine art newborn photography in Midlothian

In past, I have noticed that those who live a bit further away from Edinburgh, like an hour or so, are always hesitant to come for the newborn baby session. Mainly you would be worried about how to feed baby, when to do it, too long to spend on the road or how even get yourselves organised to leave the house for such a long journey. So let’s talk about these challenges.

Newborn feeding is never a problem, normally you would feed when you arrive at the studio. Pretty much always after longer car journeys little ones wake up and demand a feed before we get starting with photography. Depending on your routine you could feed the baby before you leave.

midlothian newborn photography with baby wearing a crown

If you are coming from further in Midlothian’s or across the bridge from Fife, I always prepare that you won’t be on time. Preparation for a newborn photo shoot is a key here. I made a prep guide for new parents so you can follow this and pack everything night before.

Traffic is always tricky for our 10 am start, so there is always played more time into consideration. We could also start a bit later. Leaving the house with a newborn is always more tedious and needs extra 30min for whatever time you decided to leave :) a sudden smell in nappy or little sick on just newly changed clothes. This is part of the game.

black and white newborn photography-009

If a newborn is sleeping in the car, it is the perfect excuse for mums to have extra power nap as well :) Naps are always welcome when you are into first few weeks of sleepless nights. Once you are in the studio, you are more than welcome to cover yourselves up with a blanket and have one more nap. There are sofas and the studio is always super warm. Dads are quite keen on this idea. If possible I work with an assistant, so you guys can chill.

Today’s newborn story is a little different. I will show you one family’s three different newborn sessions. I get many families coming back for newborn, family or cake smash sessions. I love seeing how families grow and it is such an honour to document this time in their lives.

Little Eva’s family story started here. I was really keen to meet her as her mum loves horse riding. So one of their props what they brought was a horse saddle. This was my first occasion when the family brought in such a big prop. I was just buzzing :) (UPDATE)
Since this session, I had many families requesting this pose and few more were super keen bringing in large props. I even had a request to photograph a pony with a newborn but had to politely refuse as there would be no way to get this done in the studio.

Oh and almost forgot to mention. For all three newborn photoshoots granny wanted to be part of it, so you will see her in family photos. Love keen grandparents and it is so special for kids at later date to have these memories.

This was their second time around. Was expecting a horse saddle again, but with all family chaos, they decided to skip it. I think 2-year-old and the newborn baby was enough challenge this time around :) You can see how much Eva has grown here.

Midlothian newborn photography 3

Third time around. OMG, this newborn session was set with so many challenges. The family was much more confident this time around and brought horse saddle back and since they were expecting a boy, dad brought his racing helmet as well.

Newborn baby on the horse saddle.
Newborn baby on the horse saddle idea
Newborn baby on the racing helmet

Siblings with newborn baby was the whole other level of challenge. Let’s say it was handful :) The only way for me to get this done was my assistant kept throwing at little one’s smarties and they were catching them. I had to make sure I have a good portrait of each of them and then I glued them together in photoshop. Wasn’t easy, but I was quite happy with the results.

How awesome family photos look now.

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