Hello, today I will share with you some gorgeous newborn twins baby photos. Also you will see some newborn photos done with siblings and family photo as well. I always tend to photograph family picture. Yes I know most of mums would say “oh no, I don’t look the best now, but they always love the photos with them holding their tiny precious newborn baby” You can imagine how difficult is to photograph single newborn session and now we have twins, that means double trouble. Need to make sure that there is adorable moment when both of them are a sleep at the same time :) In this case session was going quiet well and I managed to capture nice pictures of them.

We kept session quiet simple and plain. Used few wraps, but generally I tend to photograph twins in baskets or just on plain colour blankets. Of course big brother Struan got some photos on his own as well. Never leave out siblings as they want to be part of the game as well :)

Here is some images I did with both of them together.

Newborn baby twins  photos

Newborn twins baby pictures


Newborn twins baby photos

Nothing is more adorable than a mother’s embrace of her children …

Newborn twins baby photos

children photography Edinburgh

Love the sepia look for John!

children photography Edinburgh

I adore this black-and-white photo of the family!

Newborn twins baby photos

newborn twins baby photography Edinburgh

adorable newborn twins photography Edinburgh

Newborn twins baby photos in cheesecloth wrap

Isn’t a baby on scale just endearing?

newborn baby photography Edinburgh

newborn baby photography Edinburgh

Newborn twins baby photos

I love this set of newborn twins and look forward to show you more of my newborn work. Can’t wait till someone will tell me that they have triplets :)

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Thank you all for coming along.



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