Today I want to share with you beautiful newborn photography experience story. I have asked my clients to talk about their experiences with me and now I’m trying to ask every single family to share with me their stories. You will see many more store over this year.

I have photographed newborns for many years now. You can see my newborn photography portfolio here. For me there are few key points which I enjoy the most. It is the photo sessions itself and moments when I need to create more challenging images. moment when mum sees photos for the first time. The last moment is when everything is done and family writes me a thank you letter and their experience story. One of my this years resolutions is to ask every family to write me a little newborn photography experience story and I will try to share all of them with you guys.

Catriona sent me her story after we finished a cake smash session with her little Orla. This was the second time when we met so you will have a little touch of my crazy cake smash sessions as well

baby eating cake during cake smash session

 Cake smash experience with Catriona 

“ Being a lover of photos and having three children already, I had used the services of upwards of ten different photographers. As a result, I believe I know a good photo when I see one- perhaps not from a professional standpoint but from a consumer standpoint, hence why I was fairly ‘choosy’ when it came to picking a photographer to capture the first pictures of our new baby girl!

I had seen photos Armands had taken of my friend’s baby in 2011 and had been blown away by them, they were absolutely beautiful and I decided then that when we had another child I would definitely visit Armands for photos. I contacted a-fotografy when I was pregnant and was invited in for an informal chat to discuss what I was looking for and what to expect on the day. This was the first time a photographer had ever done this and I found it invaluable. Not only was I able to describe what kind of photos I was after and ask questions regarding outfits, Armands also took this time to explain pricing and show me examples of his work. I found this open and upfront approach very reassuring and felt better knowing that all the formalities were out of the way before the day of the shoot. 

We arrived for our shoot when our daughter was 10 days old along with our three sons. The experience of the shoot itself was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. Armands worked alongside a lady who soothed and calmed Orla between shots, ensuring she was warm, comfortable and relaxed. I felt completely comfortable that she was in safe hands and that her needs were the main priority- if Orla didn’t seem 100% comfortable in any position then it was changed to suit her. Armands was also very patient with our three older sons – taking the time to explain to them in advance what he would like them to do and where he would like them to be positioned. On the whole, the day was a very relaxed experience and resulted in a collection of stunning images of my family. Many of these images now adorn several of my walls and I can quite honestly say that there are few visitors to my home who do not stop to compliment them!! Even after a whole year, I still find myself smiling involuntarily when I look at them- they capture the joy of the time perfectly! I don’t find myself looking at the photos criticising my ‘mummy tummy’- I find myself admiring how happy I look and how proud we all are and that is the amazing gift these photos have given us!

We recently returned to Armands for a cake smash shoot which was something totally new to me! As you would expect, with a one year old, three older boys and a chocolate cake, this was a completely different experience altogether!! It was loud, fun and messy but extremely enjoyable and Armands displayed the same patience he had done previously, encouraging us to have more fun and make more mess!!! Our images from the day reflect this and once again I am delighted with how beautifully the photos have turned out!I only have praise for Armands and his work- he strikes the perfect balance between exceptional quality and affordability and his customer service-which I’ve often found to be lacking in other photographers- is second to none! I look forward to further photos shoots with Armands in the near future- after all I still have some wall space to fill!!”


Here is small gallery of Orla’s images.

newborn photography experience-008

newborn photography experience-010

newborn photography experience-012

newborn photography experience-011

newborn photography experience-013

newborn photography experience-009

newborn photography experience-007-2

newborn photography experience-007

newborn photography experience-001

newborn photography experience-002

newborn photography experience-003

newborn photography experience-004

newborn photography experience-005

newborn photography experience-006

For me to improve my service it is very important to know what my clients think. I know there are still few gaps to fill along the process, but this year I will do some major improvements on how I run business. There will be more contact with clients and more personal touches. Look forward to implement all this.

Thank you Catriona for this lovely letter and I look forward to meet your beautiful family again. Next time I want to see dad as well :)

Hope this gave you good idea what sessions are alike.

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