Newborn Mini Sessions Explained 1

Since I introduced Mini Sessions option for my newborn photography services, it has generated a lot of interest. With that I get asked many questions too. I decided to make this educational page for new clients who want to find out more information about newborn mini sessions.

I hope to answer here most of your question and help you to decide between premium and mini newborn session choice.

Why Would You Want To Do a Neborn Mini Session.

I have done mini session over a year now. I always get asked why families possibly would want to consider a mini newborn session. Here is few key take aways what they mentioned.- Length of the session. Families want no fuss, quick in and out.- Budget. We all have a budget in mind and we want to stick with it. Think less is more and keep your wallet happy too.- Wanting one of the most experienced newborn photographer in town to ensure your baby is in safe hands.- You are after only few key images. Not fussed about prop set up images.

Examples of newborn baby poses possible during Mini session.

Here is a selection of some simple poses I do during mini sessions. You have to bare in mind that since we have very limited amount of time, not always babies do sleep. Normally newborn mini sessions would be done with awake little ones. That is why you see here mostly awake newborn photos. Pretty much all of these newborn poses possible with awake of a sleep baby. It all depends how settle babies are.

Newborn Mini Sessions Explained 15

"We attended a-fotografy for a mini newborn session. We chose this as we were keen for a newborn photoshoot & this was an affordable option.

Armands was very welcoming & his studio was warm, comfortable & in an easily accessible area of Edinburgh. He put babys needs first throughout the session making sure our newborn was kept comfortable at all times. He was also very patient when any little accidents happened!

He was very creative with ideas for different photos & had lots of props available. We were also able to incorporate some of our babies own toys into the photos.

We were able to chose our photos afterwards. Armands was again very helpful, identifying a shortlist but giving us time & space to make our own decisions also.​

We would highly recommend A-fotografy for a newborn photoshoot & will definitely go for a another newborn photoshoot if we were to have another baby."

Emma, Edinburgh
Newborn Mini Sessions Explained 16

What is the difference between mini session and Premium newborn session.

- Main difference is time spent on creating photos. My premium newborn sessions can last up to 4 hours, doing many set ups and poses. Mini session will take an hour of photography time to create as many poses as I can.- Premium sessions give you a freedom of exploring various posing possibilities. Getting more complicated set ups done. Mini sessions are geared towards getting simple key images. Great full body images, face close up image, family shots and possibly one set up image. Not always you need 20+ images from the session.- During mini session we have an hour to document poses. If your little one is awake we do awake portraits, if sleepy then we will do more posed sleepy images. During premium sessions you most likely would have both types of images covered.- Probably the one of the more exciting parts about mini sessions is that you will get to see photos straight after the session. This saves us time in editing and also no need to do one more meeting. We would choose your favourite images and choose the appropriate package.- Light Photo Editing. For Premium sessions there is a lot more skin, blemish editing involved.- Mini Sessions can't be pre booked in advance. You would wait till baby is here and availability would depend on my premium sessions.- Mini session don't involve siblings and pets.- Mini session digital files are printable up to 8" in longest edge of the print.


Mini Session Story

" We opted for the mini shoot and after another sleepless night, we arrived bickering and slightly frenetic at Armand's studio. My hair was still wet, having barely managed to shower and the baby despite just feeding for an hour decided this was the moment to wake up. Stepping into Armand's warm, calm studio instantly melted away our concerns. The best description we have is a baby whisperer! William can be a grumpy baby but Armand expertly calmed him, so whilst he was awake, he was compliant. Whilst I quickly dried my hair and applied make up, my husband and Armand got the first few shots of William and then we had our final family shots.

The final photo's were lovely and we were absolutely thrilled. Armand is a talented photographer and we will certainly be returning when/if(!!) we have another child and when William is a bit older. I am so glad that we got these early photos, as now even a week later, I can see William has changed so much and it's lovely to remember just how tiny he was."

Emma, Edinburgh
Newborn Mini Sessions Explained 17

Mini session pricing.

I do have a specific mini session pricing available. Mini Session pricing is geared towards digital files. However if you wish to make a beautiful wall art, there is option for that too.

Pre paid session fee is £45. Session fee covers my session time only. Straight after the session you will see your photos and will be able to choose your favourites at £45 per each image. Choose as many as you wish. Families normally choose between 3-7 images. Files will be prepared on the same day and delivered via downloadable web link.

Limited amount of mini sessions.

I would only be able to offer limited amount of mini sessions per month. Please ask me about availability before you book.

These would be main newborn session differences. There are few more, but those would be minor and wouldn’t affect outcome much.

Feel free to read through my premium newborn session details too. Good way to compare two processes and choose the best for you.