We are our continuing series of stories about newborn photography. This time I want to talk about newborn and sibling photos and also cover importance of taking newborn and family photos.

Newborn and family photos

newborn and family photos-001

Here we go. This part of the session is probably when I need to do the most persuasion to get the family be involved to get their picture taken with their baby. Mums always say, oh god no I look terrible in photos’ 100% always, trust me. Yes I understand that you have just gone trough some serious life change and most likely you are tired and last thing what you want is your picture to be taken. By the way this is about dads as well. I remember when we came from hospital home. We both were hardly crawling around house in middle of piles or muslins and milk bottles. It was the last thing we wanted to do to take family photos.

I always say to my clients. You are not taking portrait for yourself. Absolutely NOT. You are creating history and these images will be for your children to look back and grandchildren. Kids don’t care how their mum or dad look like, it is important for them to see that you are in the photo not behind the camera. They want to know that you were there. It is interesting when I go back home and I always pull out my baby album or mums albums and I look trough the photos. It is fascinating for me and you should keep this in mind and think 20 or more years down the line about your children.

To me this is one of the most important photos I can do for you during this session. Remembered in this digital age I can also do retouching, remove those unwanted tired eye bags or just fresh up a bit your skintones.

newborn and family photos-008

newborn and family photos-013

newborn and family photos-012

newborn and family photos-011


newborn and family photos-009

newborn and family photos-007

newborn and family photos-006

newborn and family photos-005

newborn and family photos-004

Recently big popularity has gained generations portraits. I would have 3 generations in the studio for their portrait. Extremely important photo and value of these images will grow only with time.

newborn 3 generations photos-001

newborn 3 generations photos-002


Lets not forget to create also beautiful portraits individually with mum and dad. Here is when I really shine. During the session you might think that this might be the least popular images you will see, but pretty much every time these become one of your favourites. In 10 years you will look at these photos and will have wet eyes thinking where those years have gone. Well… at least I will be like that. My daughter is 3 now and I’m already having that feeling. They grow up toooo fast.

newborn family photos-002

newborn family photos-001

newborn family photos-004newborn and family photos-010

newborn family photos-003

 Newborn and sibling photos

I have an honour to photograph a lot of returning families when I have photographed their first baby and now they are having their second one or even third one. It is such a great feeling to see them coming back.

Sometimes these images can be a bit challenging. Siblings can be more difficult then actual newborns. Age gap normally is around 18 month and big brother or sister can sometimes ignore commands. I have set of poses what I would take with more challenging little ones and if I have a kid who is really cooperating, I would do a bit more advanced portraits.

newborn and sibling photos-003

newborn and sibling photos-004

newborn and sibling photos-006

newborn and sibling photos-001

newborn and sibling photos-007

newborn and sibling photos-009

newborn and sibling photos-002

newborn and sibling photos-005

newborn and sibling photos-010

newborn and sibling photos-008

newborn and sibling photos-011

I hope this post will change your mind about getting family photos done. Trust me it is always better to take one, then regret that later. You never know when next time you will opportunity to be photographed as a family.

To finish off this post I have to share one more photo. I don’t get to photograph dogs that often, but I love them. I had an opportunity to photograph Oscar with his new family member. Just loved this session so much :)

newborn and dog photos-001

Thank you all for coming along and please feel free to look back on our first series of the must know points about newborn photography.

Would you like to find out more about my newborn photography? I made an educational page on my newborn photography website and you can see it here. 


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