Hello everyone.

This will be just a quick guidelines for parents to know a bit more about upcoming nursery photo sessions. Just to give you an idea about the process and how things work.

This time I will try to challenge myself and do maybe nursery photos outdoors. Idea was to give parents more unique photos, but all this depends on weather. Fingers crossed. If weather will be tricky, then we will do same indoor set up as last time. 

For outdoors photos I meant something like this. These were taken last year during mini session event with nursery. 

Edinburgh nursery photography 5 Edinburgh nursery photography 6

Background and colours.

Here is an example of background colour. I didn’t want to shoot all on white but love natural tone of this one. It also looks great for black and white conversions. Normally every proof card would have one black and white image. 

Edinburgh nursery photography 1 Edinburgh nursery photography 2 Edinburgh nursery photography 4 Edinburgh nursery photography 3



Please bring changing outfit. I always say ideally you will be able to find some sort of solid colours clothes without patterns. They always will look more timeless, but I do understand that it might be far too challenging. I have two kids too and it is always a task to prepare for the photo shoots. I would try to keep away from stripy clothes or clothes with massive bright graphics on. If you have siblings photos, think about what each of them will wear. Matching is not necessary, but similar palette clothes would be advisable. 


As it is a nursery shoots, it will be very quick and I will do my best to get nice close up shot, full body and few black and white. For sibling photos, I will take individual ones and then together as well. For more shy children I will try to photograph them in garden or in more candid way. Depending how much time I will have. We have two days so I’m hoping to get everyone photographed. Last time we had few very shy kids and we did try our best. I have photographed kids for past 6 years and I always love challenge :) 

Ordering process.

I have a 3rd party company who deals with orders and preparing them. After photo session it will take me a round 2  weeks to get your proof cards ready. They will be delivered to the nursery. Each card will have 4 photos on it. You will have options to purchase either prints or digital files. Or both if you wish. 

Digital Files.

Digital files will be only sold as per card. So each digital package will be 4 images from one card. These files are full resolution and there is no watermark on them. So you can make your own prints or wall products.


Proof cards will be delivered in envelopes and you will clearly tick the option you are after. On envelope you will write your packages and the name of the parents and children. Just so I can get in touch with you if anything will be wrong with order. You will include either check or cash in envelopes.

You will have around 2 weeks to get proof cards back to the nursery.

Once all orders have been finalised and sorted, your images will be delivered to nursery. In every order largest photo will be mounted already, but smaller prints like 6×4″ you will have in sets of two and you will cut them and place them in smaller mounts. It is easy to do and keeps costs down too.

I look forward to our next nursery session and will be updating this message with any additional questions families might have.

Feel free to contact me on hello@a-fotografy.co.uk 

Thank you,