Pregnancy couples photoshoot poses ideas

Was your husband or partner not so keen on the pregnancy photoshoot? Here we discuss and look at pregnancy couple photoshoot ideas I have created. Why you should have your partner there and what kind of portraits you could create together.

Why do couples get pregnancy photos?

Silly question? You will be surprised to know how many times I hear mums saying their husband or partner doesn’t want to be the photos, fearing they might look awkward. I always say, first of all, your child will want to see that both of you were there for the journey. So at least a few pregnancy photos should be involving the partner as well.

Second, it’s my job to make sure you both feel needed and as comfortable as possible. After the pregnancy photoshoot I constantly hear husbands and partners saying how much they enjoyed the experience and never thought it could be so fun.

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Partners become my assistants

To make the process of the maternity photoshoot a bit more fun, I ask partners to help me with little tasks. This primarily involves helping by adjusting their partner’s clothes or placing the hair on the correct side.

They also act as a great way to get the mums to relax. Making them smile and enjoy the experience. Husbands and partners are also great wind machines in the studio, I ask them to throw the fabric, hold the hairdryer etc. People love to be useful and this way everyone gets to have a bit of fun.

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Added emotional connection

I know it looks amazing to have the future mother in an amazing outfit, with the hair and make-up, a bit fashion portrait style. But including a partner adds a more emotional connection. This is more meaningful in my opinion. You have gone through eight months together so far with all the ups and downs and worries. Both of you hugging her belly and talking to your baby looks just amazing. Every time you look at that maternity portrait, you will remember that moment, making these images even more special.

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I have done maternity photoshoots for 11 years now and have gathered a little gallery of couples pregnancy photos for you to enjoy and be inspired by. These are done both outside and in my photography studio. You can try these ideas indoors and outdoors. Depending on how brave you are.

Pregnancy photoshoot outdoors ideas

Doing maternity photos outdoors can be a little tricky. Not only might you have a passing audience, but you also might be limited in how many times you can change. Of course, weather and time of the year is another factor. You might want to check my guide to outdoors maternity photos for this.

Summertime will definitely give you more pregnancy shoot ideas for poses and backgrounds to draw on.

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Pregnancy photoshoot in the photography studio

I love working in the studio as it is a controlled space and there is no worry about light and weather. Couples can relax a bit more and enjoy the process.

Here you will see a selection of pregnant couples poses in a photography studio. You can try to replicate these at home too.

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Pregnancy photoshoot ideas for couples 18

I hope this will give you some ideas to think about and inspire. You’ll definitely want to create some maternity photos as a couple. Don’t leave your partner out of the process.

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