I have done maternity photography since 2010. Word has spread and now I have mums travelling from Glasgow, Dundee and as far as Aberdeen to get their maternity photoshoot with me. It is such an honour to document this special time in your lives. Amazing! 

Maternity photography for glasgow  family.
Maternity photography for Glasgow family.

“ Armands is so professional, he took the time to understand what kind of photos we are after.  We had so much fun during the session! When I saw the final pictures, I screamed! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The editing was so natural, not overly photo-shopped. The hyperpigmentation and stretch marks on my skin were reduced to a reasonable extent. The photo was perfect in every way.”

Maternity photography sessions are held at my Edinburgh studio. The studio is fully equipped to photograph maternity portraits and I have dresses and fabrics to achieve great results for you. The style of maternity photos would be entirely up to you. You can do fully dressed portraits or do more nude bump photos. It would be for you to decide. 

Glasgow mums visiting A-Fotografy for maternity photography. 1
Glasgow mums visiting A-Fotografy for maternity photography. 2
Glasgow mums visiting A-Fotografy for maternity photography. 3

Recently I had a mum from Glasgow visiting. She wanted a very specific set of images. More artistic and quality pregnancy photography work. They brought their lovely boy as well. We had loads pregnancy ideas to cover and most important was to create beautiful pregnancy portraits for the family to cherish.

Glasgow mum come for a maternity photography session

Sometimes it can be hard to convince dads to take part and this was no exception, but we did very well and we even managed little Brodie to cooperate for a few shots as well. When you have kids in a studio, you have to work quickly and try to change things fast so they are always engaged :)

I offer two types of maternity photo sessions. Mini and premium photoshoots.

No matter which type of session you choose, you will have beautiful results to cherish. Even if you are coming from further away like Glasgow, it makes for me even more special as I know how much you care about these portraits.

Glasgow mums visiting A-Fotografy for maternity photography. 7

Check out my premium session page to find out information about pregnancy photo sessions.

If you are thinking maybe to take your own maternity photos, please check out my DIY Maternity Photos at Home Guide. It is fully packed with loads of great information and easy to follow. Get all your family involved and enjoy the results.

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