Hello everyone,

Remember beautiful Forrester park resort wedding of Lesley and Jamie? You can see full story of their Forrester Park Resort wedding day here. Everything was going well, but during the evening part Lesley was not well and had to go and rest a bit. Sometimes things happen and you never know how day will go. I knew very well that they really loved idea of my evening photography. Generally photographers would say ‘Oh well…there is nothing we can do and let’s pack the bag and go home’ I could do that as well, but every single of my couples know that if something goes wrong during the day, I offer a special option to do after wedding photography. Couples get dressed again and we head out to finish images which we haven’t done on the day. I always have many photo options on my wedding to do list :)

Same was here. Without a hesitation I offered Jamie and Lesley to come back to Forrester park and finish our evening shots. Few weeks after the actual wedding here we were ready to create more wedding photos.

We didn’t need to do many, but still it was nice to create these evening stunners for them :)

Forrester park resort wedding photos

Forrester park wedding photography-001

Forrester park wedding photography-002

Forrester park wedding photography-003

Forrester park wedding photography-004

Forrester park wedding photography-005

Forrester park resort wedding - 1

Forrester park resort wedding - 2

Since wedding was in Golf Resort, for me it was paramount to get some shots on the range. Really love these moody dark range shots.

Forrester park wedding photography-008

Forrester park resort wedding - 3

Forrester park resort wedding - 5

Forrester park resort wedding - 6


Now I can say that their wedding story is complete and will be creating beautiful wedding album for them.

I’m very thankful to the couple for choosing me as their wedding story teller. It was my pleasure and look forward to see them in near future.

Thank you all for coming along.