Hello everyone. Sorry I have been a bit quiet here lately, all because I was organising my own baby and pregnancy show. However the show has passed and I’m now back to my blog and work.

Today I want to share with you a fantastic styled wedding dress photo session I had at the lovely Balmule House. This all was put together by awesome people at the Kudos wedding dress shop. They reached out to me to photograph new images for their brochure and loved my style. We had a fantastic time and photographed lots of different dresses and ideas. Today I will share a small selection of images I have picked from the set.

Some are more traditional and some has more edge, but I look forward to hear what girls at Kudos will say. Michelle, Christine and whole team has done awesome job and it was real pleasure to work with them.

It was my honour to be part of this team and I’m really happy with results.

Big thanks goes out to

Kudos wedding dresses 

Balmule house – MFalconer@balmule.co.uk

Kirsty Macpherson – hair and make up

Poppy floral design – real bouquets

Bijoux bouquets – brooch bouquets

and of course awesome models.

Here is the selection with images.

Edinburgh Kudos wedding dress Shop

edinburgh wedding photographers_0001

edinburgh wedding photographers_0002 edinburgh wedding photographers_0003 edinburgh wedding photographers_0004 edinburgh wedding photographers_0005 edinburgh wedding dress shop photography

edinburgh wedding dress shop photography-5

edinburgh wedding dress shop photography-1

edinburgh kudos wedding dress shop

edinburgh kudos wedding dress shop-1

edinburgh kudos wedding dress shop-4

edinburgh wedding dress shop photographers5

edinburgh wedding dress shop photography-4

edinburgh wedding dress shop photographers4

edinburgh wedding dress shop photography-3

edinburgh kudos wedding dress shop-6 edinburgh wedding photographers_0006 edinburgh kudos wedding dress shop-7

edinburgh wedding dress shop photography-2

edinburgh kudos wedding dress shop5

edinburgh kudos wedding dress shop-2

edinburgh wedding dress shop photographers-1

edinburgh wedding dress shop photographers-2

edinburgh wedding dress shop photographers-3

edinburgh wedding dress shop photographers

fife kudos wedding dress shop-1

fife kudos wedding dress shop-3

fife kudos wedding dress shop-4

fife kudos wedding dress shop-5

fife kudos wedding dress shop-6

fife kudos wedding dress shop edinburgh wedding photographers_0007 edinburgh kudos wedding dress shop-3

fife kudos wedding dress shop-2 edinburgh wedding photographers_0008 edinburgh wedding photographers_0009 edinburgh wedding photographers_0010 edinburgh wedding photographers_0012 edinburgh wedding photographers_0011

I hope you enjoyed this set of photos and if you are after a wedding dress, I definitely would recommend you to head to one of the Kudos shops to try on some fantastic wedding dresses.

Thanks again for lovely team and look forward to see you soon again.