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ARE YOU READY to see an  AWESOME  sneak peek of Sean and Anna’s wedding?!! Guys exchanged their wedding rings on friday and what a great day we had. I have to start with the fact that this would be totally different wedding from what you would expect in Scotland. We had a lot of traveling around Edinburgh getting images done on fields, Royal mile closes, Edinburgh University Old college, Vogrie park and of course the images on the beach to finish off the trip.

I tried to make it short sneak peek, but as hard as I tried it turned out to be long one and it would be crazy not show you these gorgeous images from their wedding. I will try to walk you trough the day and hope you will have a good idea of their  experience.

Day started like most of the weddings start with getting ready rush.

wedding-dress-image-getting-readyWedding-rings-on-the-map-for-Edinburgh-weddingBride-getting-ready-portraits-in-Edinburgh Boys on the way to the Lothian Chambers. That’s right James, hold his hand so that Sean can’t run away :)


 Congratulations guys!!! Lothian-chambers-wedding-in-Edinburgh-suite-photography Mums giving their congratulations as well…Lothian-chambers-wedding-group-photos

 Away to the Od College to meet their students and to get snowed with paper confetti. More congratulations!!!Edinburgh-old-college-wedding-photo-in-classroom-with-studentsWedding-bridal-portrait-in-Edinburgh-old-collegewedding-bridal-portrait-at-the-edinburgh-university-old-college-in-Edinburgh

 Quick stop at the White horse close where guys performed some awesome moves. Bridal-portrait-at-the-Edinburgh-white-horse-close

 Away to East Lothian’s to hunt for the fields with hay bales and we got success!!! Guys had a chance to roll them around as well :) best-creative-wedding-photographers-in-Edinburgh-Scotland

 farm visit and some cool looks in the shades… Creative-edinburgh-wedding-photographers-in-country-side Look at this handsome best man at the vogrie country park. Thank you man, you were awesome. Hope you had great night as well :) I noticed that huge glass of whisky you had :) Best-man-portrait-at-vogrie-country-park

 Beach visit as our last stop. Freezing cold,cold, cold…..Bride-and-groom-on-seton-sands-beach-sunset Boys performed thei pengiuin walking. Groom-and-best-man-in-penguin-pose-wearing-suits back home…A-fotografyA-fotografySuperman themed idea on the rooftops with Edinburgh castle in background.


Oh my… this was a long day, but it was sooooo much worth it. Congratulations guys again and you both really rocked. Big thanks to my second shooter Anna, as always we worked together and managed to get some awesome images. Great to see that her confidence is boosting and she managed to push me around as well :) it was fun with loads of giggles. Thank you Anna and feel free to have a look at her site here

Edinburgh newborn portrait photographer

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek and I will be back to share more images with you.

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