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The first twelve months of your baby’s life is a year of dramatic change. No sooner are you coming home with your newborn than you are starting to plan for their first birthday! (Or so it can seem).

It’s a year of fleeting but oh-so-special moments, and I’d love to help you capture those in photographs so that you remember all the details in their full glory.
Your baby’s first year is full of baby milestones that you’ll want to reflect back on in years to come – from the tummy time stage through to sitting up, crawling and beginning to walk. There’s so much you’ll want to capture – don’t miss your chance!

No longer a newborn

Once past the newborn stage, babies have the power to melt your heart with their smile.

As they get bigger they become real bundles of joy; all chubby legs and giggles! Wonderful to see!

Baby and Cake Smash 1

No longer a newborn

Once past the newborn stage, babies have the power to melt your heart with their smile.

As they get bigger they become real bundles of joy; all chubby legs and giggles! Wonderful to see!

Baby and Cake Smash 2


An experienced and leading Edinburgh newborn baby photographer

I’ve been a baby photographer, here in Edinburgh, for six years now and have been privileged to meet so many beautiful babies during that time. That man crawling around the floor making funny noises…yep, that’ll be me!

Making a fool of myself and having fun with your little one is what I enjoy most about my job as a baby photographer. I’m also relaxed, easy going, and incredibly patient – all essential skills for a successful baby photographer.

Baby and Cake Smash 3

Father of three

As a dad of three myself, I also know what it’s like to be a parent. I know what it’s like to be exhausted, yet deliriously happy.

I know what it’s like to have my greatest accomplishments in this world throw their spaghetti across the kitchen, and still feel completely and truly blessed.

And I know how to work with children to get the very best possible photographs for you to enjoy and smile at for years to come.

What’s wonderful about children is that

No matter how little the hands, they are always big enough to hold onto your heart.

Baby and Cake Smash 4

“A-Fotografy was recommended to us by a number of people in Edinburgh and we were not disappointed!! We wanted some pictures that captured our little boy who is now 9 months old, as he just seems to be growing up so quickly! We wanted natural pictures with him just having fun and showing his personality. Armands was really fantastic with my son! I have to admit I was a bit worried about how we would entertain him for an hour and a half in front of a camera, but Armands is brilliant with children! Armands just made him giggle the entire time which made for some great pics!"

Joanne, Edinburgh
Baby and Cake Smash 5

Baby Photo Session

From 7 weeks of age up to twelve months

If your baby is no longer suitable for a traditional newborn session (older than 6 weeks), there are still lots of opportunities to have adorable baby photos taken. Contact me to discuss the options and next key milestones that are great to capture in photographs.

The important thing to recognise is that every baby develops at a different rate. So, please don’t worry about whether or not your baby is sitting/crawling/walking yet – each baby develops in their own time. So, when you have their photographs taken will entirely depend on when your baby is ready.

We can discuss what’s suitable for your baby when you get in contact with me, and I can guide and advise you. For example, if your baby sits unaided for the first time at aged 8-9 months, it may be that you might want to consider booking a cake smash photo session instead of a ‘sitter’ session.

Baby Photography Gallery

Cake Smash Photography

Fact: Babies are happiest when they are covered in food!

Baby and Cake Smash 43

Babies just love to explore their world through touch and taste. Which is why cake smash photoshoots are really popular! Cake smash portraits are great fun and are a way of capturing cute baby photos.

Book a cake smash session for your baby and they can enjoy digging their little hands into their very own cake. Making as much of a mess as possible is the name of the game here! But, don’t worry, I do all the cleaning up afterwards.

Having a cake smash to celebrate their first birthday is a popular choice, although you can book one for any time after your baby is sitting unaided. Kids are extremely tactile at this age, and really love to dig in which is hilarious!

Even if your baby decides they don’t want to get messy, I can get creative and work with that too. The objective of this type of shoot is that your baby is happy and having fun.

And if things get a little crazy, I can get some great shots in a make-shift mini bathtub bursting with bubbles! It’s a handy way of getting all cleaned up again plus a chance to get even more fun photos.

Cake Smash Photography Gallery

Baby Photography Sessions: What to expect

-  Your photo session will last as long as we need to create beautiful artwork for you. Each baby is different and reacts in own way to strangers. It could be one hour, it could be several. -  Before I start taking photographs, we have some settling-in time so we can get to know each other better. My aim is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed. - Mummy and Daddy, please be ready to make lots of funny noises to get your rascal happy. Bring any favourite toys, blankets, snacks and dummies so that we have them to hand if needed. - Expect your session to be loaded with activity and energy. I aim to make the sessions lively and fun – a great experience for everyone. - Expect to get involved in the photos yourself – yes, really! If you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, don’t worry. I can guide and advise you on how to stand, where to look and how to interact with your partner and baby. The aim is to create natural, loving portraits that capture you as a family unit. I’ll aim to take individual mum/dad shots with the baby, and I’ll involve your other children if you have them, and even pets too! -  The end goal of your photo shoot is for you to have a beautiful collection of photos to share with loved ones, liven up your living room or to make a beautiful heirloom album.P.S. I’d recommend you don’t make lots of plans for the day of your photoshoot. Yes, you’ll be pleasantly tired and your cheeks will hurt after all that smiling and make goofy noises!

Featured Sessions

How much does it cost?

Baby and Cake Smash 72

“Armands is friendly, not pushy, genuine and very experienced. He will give you his opinion but equally let you decide for yourself and direct the shoot as you want.”

Baby and Cake Smash 73

Whichever session type you book, you will receive an amazing and unique set of photos. I aim to create a wide variety of photos for you to choose from. There will be photos for everyone’s taste; portraits to decorate your walls at home, as well as something grandma and relatives abroad, will love. Messy cake smash images are perfect for brightening up your kitchen or baby’s nursery walls.

My baby / cake smash session

Session fee is £85. This includes the exclusive use of my photography studio (up to several hours, as required), the photographer’s talent (and a personalised cake if you’re having a Cake Smash session). Normally from these sessions, you would have 50+ images to choose from at your viewing appointment.

Wall art and photo products start from £190
Digital image collections start from £295