How will you remember your baby?

With your newborn cradled safely in your arms, you may presume you’ll remember this important stage in great detail. But the truth is that memories fade.

Professional newborn portraits will take you back to these very moments so you won’t ever forget. They’ll remind you how small your baby was, about the love that was oozing from you back then, and how your journey together began.

In years to come, your kids will also enjoy looking back at their own baby portraits – they’ll point at the images in disbelief, amazed at how small they once were. And, your beautifully crafted album and wall art will last not only for your lifetime, but for your grandchildren’s and great grandchildren’s lifetimes too.

“Letting a complete stranger hold your child may be daunting but I can honestly say I’ve never felt so comfortable. Armands was so patient with my daughter. He sussed out her body language within a few minutes of holding her and walking about with her. Aiyla suffers from really bad colic and spending time with Armands he gave us the best advice ever. A lot more than what the doctors have said to us.”

Jenny, Edinburgh
Edinburgh dad and newborn photographer holds baby

An experienced and leading Edinburgh newborn baby photographer

I’m a dad of three myself, and every time I photograph a newborn baby I’m transported back to those moments when I was holding my own little babies. Those crazy newborn days of sleepless nights and endless nappy changes – yep, I was there for it all, and know how you feel!

I’m so grateful to have portraits of my own children as newborns. I often find myself looking back at the photos, full of emotion and stunned at how fast they’ve grown.

The newborn stage flies by but, with newborn photographs, you can relive those early days forever. Without them, they are gone.

Newborn Photo sessions

Newborn photography has been special to my heart since 2012 and since then I have photographed over 600 babies. No need for you to worry about handing over your newly born baby to me, I have been fully trained in newborn safety. Depending on availability, I also work with an assistant who helps me during all my newborn photoshoots. Between us, we are able to ensure that your baby is always being held or supported and is completely safe during your photoshoot.

Consider Newborn Photography at Home?

Would you like more candid and not so posed newborn photos? A home session would be the perfect way to record these memories. Check out my examples on home photo session page.

Home Photo Sessions

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Newborn baby photography in Edinburgh

"We used Armands when our son was born in 2012 after seeing some of his newborn photography work on display.

We had such a good experience with him the first time, that when we found out we were expecting our second baby we contacted him right away to get booked up! The photos that we have from both shoots are amazing and are something that we will cherish forever, to remind us of when our babies were so little.

On both occasions, the baby photo session was very laid back and Armands and his assistant took care of everything – this was especially welcome given that our little girl was only 3 days old at her photoshoot and we were all shattered (although you would never know it from the great newborn family pictures!!). I was really impressed at our second shoot when he had a now 3 year old boy to deal with.

He was always very calm with him and there was no pressure to get a certain shot with both kids, if they weren’t playing ball we just tried something else. We have been delighted with the images from both photoshoots and given the different packages that he offers for purchasing photographs, albums, frames etc. it is easy to get something really special without breaking the bank!"

Julie and Craig, Edinburgh

Behind the scenes

Newborn session with a dog

Unique newborn session with sibling

Behind the scenes videos

Newborn session with a dog

Unique newborn session with sibling

When is the best time for newborn photography?

It is important to book your newborn photoshoot during your pregnancy (anytime after your 20-week scan is ideal) so that we can get the date secured in my diary.

Newborn photography needs to be done in the first few weeks after your baby’s birth, so please don’t leave it until the last minute to contact me – I am likely to not be able to fit you in at short notice.

If your baby arrives either earlier or later than expected, we can change the date if necessary. Ideally, your baby would be between 5-10 days old when they come in for the session.

If you’ve missed your chance to have photos taken in those important first three weeks, don’t worry! It’s possible to photograph babies aged up to six weeks old, and there are many possibilities for photographing babies older than this also.

Head in hands newborn baby boy pose on the blue blanket

Your baby’s safety is paramount.

The safety of your baby is my first priority. While you’re in my studio, I am committed to caring for your baby as though they were my own.

I have been fully trained in newborn safety. I appreciate how delicate they are and how important it is to support their tiny bodies and to keep them warm and comfortable.

I also work with an assistant who helps me during all my newborn photoshoots. Between us, we are able to ensure that your baby is always being held or supported and is completely safe during your photoshoot.

“I can honestly say he's a miracle working with babies - ' The Baby Whisperer ' would be the perfect title for him.”

Unique Newborn Baby Pictures

Babies are so small only once, but you will keep memories forever

Newborn Photography Prices

Watch this video to see what could you do with your photos.

Newborn photo with pet dog done at Edinburgh photo studio

“Armands’ instructions on how to prepare for the shoot was very helpful and you can clearly see from that moment that he know how to deal with tiny babies. This just lead to even better experience of seeing him managing the baby during the shoot. As first-time parents we could actually learn some of his method to soother the baby.”

Jane, Edinburgh

I offer two different types of newborn session. Whichever you choose, you’ll receive an amazing and unique set of photos. I’m always honest and open about finance topic. There is no hidden surprise fees, in fact, everything is made very simple clear to understand.

Premium Newborn Session

Session fee £85. This is a bespoke, fully customised experience which includes 3-4 hours of photography time, and all the planning and communication between myself and you before and after your photoshoot. You will have full access to a wide range of props, and the opportunity to include extra family members as well as furry friends at no extra cost. A week after the photo session, you’ll be invited back to the studio to view and order your final images. Please note that no photos or products are included in the session fee.

Wall, Presentation or Digital Images on USB start from £295. Typically clients invest anywhere from £500 upwards on product packages.

Newborn Mini Session

Session fee £45. These sessions are designed for families who are more price sensitive and just want a few images from the session. They are available only on set days and are limited availability. A baby mini session includes up to one hour of photography time. I will photograph as many poses as possible. Immediately after the session we would sit down together and have a look at photos and choose our favourites.

Each digital file costs £45, purchase as many as you wish. Printable up to 8″ size.

Mini sessions explained here.