Hi everyone. It is been really mad busy and I so much want to show you my recent projects. I noticed that my portfolio was lacking some interesting and more artistic baby photography. Recently I made a decision to create images which would have a different feel from general white background photography. Eventually all my white background images will go and I will replace them with more classy portraiture. Portraits which could stand the test of time. More and more people are looking for something a bit nicer and different. To create these type of portraits I made a modelling call and OMG in less then 10 min I had over 60 messages in FB. I almost regretted that I did that as I wanted only 3 babies for my test session. Now I had a challenge to choose who will attend. Eventually I managed to make a selection down to under 20 models and baby photo sessions started.

What a fantastic and busy few days I had. It was a bit mad to run around and try to think who will gonna do what, but we did well and I’m so happy.

Today I will share with you little Nathan’s session. I photographed him as a newborn as well and also photographed his sister when she was a newborn. It was so great to see family again and such a honour. Such a happy boy and family must be over the moon with images.


Baby portrait photography Edinburgh



Edinburgh baby photo studio-1


Edinburgh baby photo studio-4

Edinburgh baby photo studio-2

Edinburgh baby photo studio-3

Edinburgh baby photo studio-9

Edinburgh baby photo studio

Edinburgh baby photo studio-6

Edinburgh baby photo studio-7

Edinburgh baby photo studio-8

Edinburgh baby photo studio-5


Love my awesome American cart shot. It took me almost a year to find this. Just love it and my daughter loves it as well. Definitely one of my favourite props.

Now I have more strong portfolio shots and look forward to work on my next projects.

Thank you for coming along and please get in touch if you are looking beautiful baby portraits.