Baby Photoshoots in Edinburgh

Edinburgh baby photoshoot session capturing mum and baby portrait

Why should you choose us for your baby photoshoot?

  • Our vast experience – we’ve photographed over 1000 babies!
  • Spacious professional photography studio specialising in baby photography.
  • We have lots of baby props available.
  • Option to bring your pets too and include them in photos with your baby.
  • There’s no additional cost to bring extra family members for a photo session. We would love to see a full family with grandparents too. Why not make a special day out of this?
  • Full service is provided from the planning stage to wall portraits on your walls.

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Ages and Stages of Baby Photoshoots

baby posing during photoshoot in Edinburgh studio

5-12 weeks photoshoots

The next stage after a newborn session would be the time when the baby is starting to roll over on its tummy and can lift the head up quite well. Of course, we can photograph earlier as well, but to get the most beautiful set, I would recommend waiting a bit with baby photos.

If you have missed the newborn photography stage, you could use the 5-12 week period to photograph your baby while they are still relatively small. Photos can be really cute with lots of different expressions. Sometimes we can even get some lovely sleepy photos.

6-9 months photoshoots

If you would like a wide variety of poses and options, the sitter stage is a perfect time. When babies can sit unattended, we can capture lots of expressions in the images and use various toys for them to play with. There is so much more you can do.

Babies react to silly noises, or me playing with them, they understand funny moves and play. The session is very much interactive for everyone involved. After the session, you will feel like you had a little workout, and your cheeks might hurt from pulling faces and silly smiles.

An even better time is when the baby starts doing furniture walking. Holding onto things means we can create some standing portraits too. They tend to also crawl by this point, but we need to be careful as they might just want to crawl away from photography action!

Baby during photoshoot

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Meet your baby photographer Armands.

As a family man myself – I’m a hands-on father of three – I know just how important family is. I love capturing precious family moments of love, laughter, and joyful tears that make each day of your life special, in your own unique way. The baby years and days are to be treasured, let’s document them together.

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Baby Photoshoot Prices

Check prices on our Products and Pricing page. If you are after a short and sweet baby session, please check out our mini-session page.