When is the last time you gathered your family together for a memory-making portrait photoshoot?As your children grow from babies into toddlers, into children and start creeping toward their teen years, life gets busy. So busy in fact that your hands are so full just dealing with the day-to-day.

Capturing your family in photographs is always on the to-do list but there’s just never the time, is there? Yet you’d love to have photographs that document your family as they really are. So, let us help!Book a photoshoot with us and we will ensure you never forget all of those amazing moments.

Connective Family photography

a timeless record of precious memories

Family Photography 1
Children portrait photos outdoors

We were delighted when Armands said he could happily do an outdoor shoot . Armands instantly understood, we wanted to capture our daughter's energy and personality and the three of us interacting as a family, so more fly on the wall rather than a typical family photo shoot.He brought so much energy that our daughter was buzzing, smiling ear to ear in every photo and really engaging with him and the camera.We can't recommend Armands highly enough, if you're looking for someone you can trust to really care and go the extra mile, capture your family's personality and really engage, please don't look any further. You won't be disappointed! See you next year Armands and thank you again.

Family Photography with Lisa, Haitham and Farrah, Edinburgh
Family Photography 2

A photoshoot experience the whole family will love

Family Photography 3

I completely understand what are you looking from your family photographer in Edinbrugh. Photography stories which reflect real you and relation with your kids. I have done family photoshoots in Edinburgh for over 8 years now and seen everything. Tantrums, super shy and super hyper. Bring it on energy and we will have some fun.

I’m dad of three myself and let me tell you – it has been a mad journey. Definitely lost and still loosing hair and gaining more wrinkles on my face. Saying that I love everyday I can play and negotiate with them.

They are the most precious thing in your life. They bring you joy. They cause you tears. They make you laugh until your stomach hurts. They ask your forgiveness. They hate you. They love you. They are your family, and the love they bring into your life is the greatest gift you have ever received.

What type of family photo session is right for you?

How would you describe your family? My goal is to photograph your family story so it reflects true you with children. Are you very active and enjoying your time with kids outdoors? Maybe you just like to cuddle on sofa and read books with kids, enjoy crafts, baking with them? This would be perfect opportunity to invite family photographer to document your story during either ‘Day in Life’ or ‘Slice in Life’ sessions. Beautiful candid real life storytelling with no posing. Photos focus on the love and connection between family members.

Family Photography 42

Thinking more like studio photography?

You have also my studio for full disposal. Studio family portrait sessions will concentrate of getting those key shots you are after. We can create nice traditional portraits or try to document those few unfolding wild moments. When Amy asked to have studio family session, she wasn’t really sure how this all will unfold. Here is what she had to say.

family posing for Edinburgh family portrait photographer.

What a great experience - highly recommended.We decided to book a family photoshoot when our pre-school son had a cycling mishap and his teeth looked like they were starting to go grey! We’d been meaning to get professional photos done for ages but this gave us the motivation we needed to get organised.After a bit of Googling we decided to contact Armands at A-fotografy. His photos looked great, his website gave us confidence that he could handle lively kids, and his pricing structure was clear. We explained the situation and thankfully he managed to squeeze us into his diary very quickly.We arrived at Armands’ studio with bags of props, bundles of outfit changes, emergency snacks and a little bit of trepidation: our 1 year old and 4 year old don’t sit still much. We were given a warm welcome and Armands took time to chat to the kids and gain their trust. They took a shine to him straight away.The photo session was hugely enjoyable for all – full of laughter. The kids were a bit of a handful but had a ball, and once I realised that Armands could not only cope with our kids but actually enjoyed their chaos I relaxed into things too! Even my husband (who’s not a big fan of having his photograph taken) was really positive about the experience. I felt like the two of us were a team with Armands, trying to playfully stage-manage the kids.

Family photoshoot with Amy, Edinburgh
Family Photography 43

What is 'Day in Life' and 'Slice in Life' family portrait photography photo sessions.

‘Day in Life’ and ‘Slice in Life’ both are candid unposed photo journalism family portrait session. I can be with you only few hours which would be just a slice or it can be whole day from moment you wake up till you go to sleep. In that case it would be Day in Life photoshoot. I would document all little moments. Moments which moms and dads do every day. Real life stuff you know. We always have these memories in heads, but never really in portraits. Personally I love documenting my kids in such a way and I’m sure you would too.

Family Photography 62

What to do with your family photography portraits?

Family Photography 63

After you’ve invested in a family portrait session, hopefully, the last thing you’ll be planning to do is tuck the images away or save them onto your computer never to be seen again!

My clients favour putting the family portraits on display in their homes, and I wholeheartedly support their decision. Professional portraits are works of art with your family as the star. They deserve to be seen!

I am pleased to be able to offer you an extensive range of modern photo products including albums, mounted prints, frames, acrylics and canvases of various sizes (?) to choose from. After your session, I’ll guide you through the image selection and ordering process, ensuring that you purchase photos and photo products that you love and which effortlessly complement your unique home and style.

Question you might have guys.

Can I Bring Pets to the Children and Family Shoot? 

You may want to celebrate your pets in your pictures – it’s a children and family photography session after all, and they are part of the family! They’re more than welcome to come along and join in the fun.

How Long Will Family Photo Session Last? 

Children and family sessions usually take two hours. Depends on where we doing the session. Day in Life sessions — as title suggests, takes full day from around 7am till around 7pm.

Family Portrait Outfit Ideas — What to Wear. 

When deciding what outfits to wear for family or children portraits the main thing is to be comfortable and aware of coordination – consider how you will look individually and as a group. Avoid clothing with words, logos or bold patterns. A good approach is to pick a colour scheme, and have all the members of the family in complementary – though not matching – outfits.
Black-on-black always looks classic and for portraits is timeless. Read about my Black and White Noir Family Sessions here.
Meanwhile black and white photography is becoming increasingly popular. On my blog I share a few suggestions for what to wear for children and family photography sessions. Read the post here.

Natural family photography

If you like the sound of how I approach my family photography sessions here in Edinburgh, let’s chat and make some memories!

Family and children’s photo session prices

There are no hidden costs — the session fee means that when you book a photography session, you get my time and the full studio experience. Furry friends are always welcome to join in too! After the session has completed, you will be invited for an ordering session. During the ordering session you will be able to decide which are the best product options for you.

Studio session fee (up to 2 hours) only £85

Outdoors/Location session fee (up to 2 hours) only £125

Wall and Presentation Products start from £199

Digital images on USB start from £295

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