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Gifts that never age: Family memories that grow with your children.

The arrival of a baby marks a profound milestone in your family’s journey. Treasure each precious moment of your baby’s first year – the smiles, infectious giggles, and unforgettable first steps. These milestones are a precious gift, and transforming them into stunning baby portraits isn’t just about capturing their essence, it’s about creating beautiful home decor that will bring a smile to your face every day.

Whether you prefer classic studio or portraits done at your home, let’s discuss how I can help you capture these beautiful moments and create timeless keepsakes for your family.

Choose your portrait session you would like to celebrate:



We chat on the phone about what you’d like to do.

Your planning consultation, ensuring everything is just as you’d like it.

Your photography session – this is so much fun for everyone.

Your ordering and design consultation – the most exciting part where all comes together as beautiful artwork for your home.


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I’m Armands, a proud dad of three and a cat. My journey as a baby photographer began in 2010, and it’s incredible to think that many of those babies are now approaching their teenage years. Preserving these precious memories for families is a responsibility I hold with utmost gratitude. Witnessing families to grow and return with additional siblings is truly heartwarming.

While I’ve explored various forms of photography, it was capturing my first baby, Eric, that ignited my passion for creating lasting memories for families. The profound impact of this work became even clearer when my own daughter arrived. It dawned on me how swiftly children grow, and amidst the countless photos taken on phones, many remain confined to digital memories, seldom printed or treasured.

As my kids grow, and I gain wrinkle or two, the importance of holding tangible portraits became evident. It provides a genuine sense of the significance of being present for your children and crafting these portrait memories together. My purpose is to offer you a timeless gift—a treasure that never fades with time. These are gifts that will continue to warm your heart as the years pass by.


Enjoy your memories every day.

We specialise in creating custom artwork for you to enjoy every day. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing these precious moments on the walls of your home.

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I’m confident that you’ll find our studio to be welcoming and homely. It’s a modern, custom-designed space which I have carefully planned and laid out with your comfort in mind.

You’ll notice when you visit the studio that I showcase a variety of photo products on the walls – this is so that you can view what’s available to purchase after your session. 

I believe that your portraits deserve more than to be left on a USB or hidden in a drawer.

This is why I encourage you to choose photo products which transform your images into wall art for you to enjoy every day. 

All my frames, canvases, and acrylics are professionally made to an exceptionally high standard and come with a guarantee.