Hi all. Todays story will be part of my baby portrait photography ideas collection. It will be made of few parts, like indoors baby portraits, outdoors portraits and little touch on baby portraits with pets as well.

This part will explain a bit how 6 moth stage baby photos goes.

First I met Jenny when we photographed here maternity session. You can see pregnancy session here. We had a beautiful newborn session too, but will share that one another time. Today I would like to share with you beautiful baby Michelle photos.

She was around 6 month when they came for baby photos. Was amazed how much she has changed :) Such a little chub she was :) Just loved it. First she was a bit hesitant to play with us. Daddy stepped in and did some funny faces with noises and we were on the track to see some gorgeous smiles.

This was a studio session and we did dark background photos and some on light background as well. I always try to use both types of backgrounds. Family always love lighter photos and never think about getting darker ones. Personally I love darker set photos and to me they look more timeless. That is just my own preference. Family brought in many soft toys and of course I wanted to photograph them all :) There were few tiaras, sunglasses and lots more.

Here is our gallery with images. Not a full session, but the ones which represent my style the best.

Baby Portrait Photography | Michelle

baby portrait photography-003

Simple and plain images are always great to start with. You are concentrating on face only and there is no distractions of colours around.
baby portrait photography-002

baby portrait photography-001

baby portrait photography-004

baby portrait photography-005

baby portrait photography-006

Mummy brought in some cute baby headbands  and little pink tutu.

baby portrait photography-007

Loved this belly image :) Look how she is kicking her feet back.

baby portrait photography-008

baby portrait photography-009

baby portrait photography-010

baby portrait photography-011

Simple and cute hat really fits her well :)

baby photography-001

baby photography-002

All toys have lined up for cuddles :)

After light background we always set for darker background photos. I always love these as photos give nice contrast between skin tone and background.

baby photography-003

baby photography-004

baby photography-005

baby photography-006

Loved to chew on her toes.

baby photography-007

Sometimes those little grumpy photos are the best :) Mums always love those as it is not very often when you would see your child’s grumpy face images :)

baby photography-008

Look at her body features. You just want to cuddle her all the time :) Family will love these for sure :)

As you can see we had a great fun session. Loads of images to cherish and look forward to our next session when Michelle will eat some of my signature birthday cake :)

Edinburgh baby portrait photography

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