Hello everyone. Year has pretty much finished and I’m doing my final posts. This story will be about little Shaun who came for his Edinburgh cake smash photography photo session. We had a great time with him and his sister. Managed to photograph nice toddler portraits and few of his sister as well. Like always during cake smash sessions we are dong nice toddler portraits first and then finishing the session with messy cake smash portraits.

It is great birthday to new mums as well. You could combine this with your actual birthday party. A lot of kids would be visiting and each of them could have a nice portrait :)

Here is Shaun’s cake smash photography portraits.

Edinburgh cake smash photography

Edinburgh cake smash photography


Edinburgh toddler photographer

Edinburgh toddler photographers

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Best toddler photography Edinburgh

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Edinburgh Toddler photographers

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Edinburgh cake smash photography studio

Edinburgh cake smash photography studio

Edinburgh cake smash photography studio

 cake smash photography Edinburgh

 cake smash photographers Edinburgh

Birthday cake smash Edinburgh

Fantastic cake smash session. Shaun did well with cake destroying task :) First birthdays are full of fun. Really love doing these. Yes there is a lot of mess, but when else you will allow him to do something like this :)

Thank you for coming along. To see more of cake smash examples please visit my Edinburgh toddler photography portfolio here  or if your little one will be one very soon you can book your Edinburgh cake smash photography session here 



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