£199 Mini Baby Photo Sessions in Edinburgh

£199 Baby Mini Sessions 1

Welcome. Here you will find information about my mini baby photoshoots and how these work.

I have photographed babies for over 13 years now and have developed a little system to get those beautiful key baby portraits.

The focus of the mini session is to get a good headshot, get a great sitting or tummy pose and get a nice family photo. It is a quick session and it gives you those few key portraits.

What is included in a baby mini session?

❤️ 20-30 min baby session
❤️ Bring additional family members
❤️ If you would like to bring a sibling for a sibling photo, we recommend from the age of 4+, but I will leave the judgment of cooperation up to you. I have done really nice sibling shots with much younger kids too. Ideally baby is sitting by this point to make an easier for the sibling to hold onto the baby :)
❤️ Option to purchase wall/album products
❤️ What to wear/bring guidelines provided.
❤️ 20+ digital files.


For extras you have two options.
– Editing
The initial edit is very simple and we are just doing colour and contrast edit. If you would like additional edits like maybe dry skin removal, maybe some spots removal etc, for an additional fee it is possible to do it. Ask at the time of the session as these fees change from time to time.
– Full resolution digital files
The digital files you receive from the session are smaller resolution. Ok to view them on devices and share amongst family members, but if you would like to print your own wall art or larger prints, there is an option for the nominal fee to upgrade your all files.

Contact studio

Tell me as much as possible. Due date, if the baby is already here, the age. Who is attending the session.
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Possible poses during baby mini sessions.

What is the best age for baby mini session?

I always recommend coming for a mini session when your baby is close to the sitting stage or when confidently sitting. You will get a much wider selection of photos.

You can come at an earlier tummy stage around 4 months, but I recommend making sure the baby is rolling over by that point and can confidently lift their head while being tummy.

Can we bring additional members of family?

You can bring additional family members, but few things to keep in mind.

You are given around 20-30min time window to create portraits. The more subjects I have to photograph, the longer it will take to position everyone. You might be compromising on baby photos and have less selection.
The family photo is fine, but for example, wrangling not cooperating 2 years old and little baby might be a bit too challenging for a mini session. For this, I would recommend my premium baby photoshoot.

Babies confidence.

Some babies need a lot more warming-up time than others. If you feel the baby might need more time and usually is not comfortable around strangers, please let me know. Might be that we will need to explore the premium session option to have a longer shoot. The same applies if your baby generally is pretty clingy.

Get in touch and arrange your own photo session.