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All you need to know about my newborn mini sessions.

What is included in £199 Newborn Mini Sessions?

❤️ Up to an hour of session time. Time to do feeds, settling and taking beautiful portraits
❤️ Following the baby’s direction. Either awake or sleepy portraits.
❤️ Selection of 20+ final digital photos included.
❤️ If you would like a sibling portrait, we recommend from the age of 4+, but I will leave the judgment of cooperation up to you.
❤️ Family photos included.
❤️ What to wear/bring guidelines provided.

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Tell me as much as possible. Due date, if the baby is already here, the age. Who is attending the session.
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Gallery of potential poses we are covering during the mini shoot.

What are the main differences between Mini and Premium newborn sessions?
  • Creative time spent on creating portraits. My premium newborn sessions can last up to 3 hours, doing many setups and a variety of poses. The mini session will take up to an hour to settle, feed and get portraits done.
  • Mini sessions include a complete set of digital photos. Premium session clients would create their own package of files and physical products.
  • Variety of poses. Premium session clients get to choose what kind of poses we will create. During minis, we focus on a few simple poses.
  • Photo Editing. Premium sessions would include full portrait enhancements. Minis can have this for an extra charge.
  • Include pets. Sorry but for minis pets stay at home.
  • Digital file resolution. Minis files come in small resolution, but for a small fee, you can upgrade to full resolution.

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