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Over the past 10 years, I have photographed hundreds of expectant mums and creating pregnancy art. Usually, mums to be don’t know what to expect from photo sessions. After looking through my maternity photography gallery, I can see that preference always is for artistic pregnancy photos.

Mums can be very self-conscious at this time in their lives. Personally I think the reason they lean towards the more artistic look, is that they would like their maternity photos to focus on the artistic side and their body becomes secondary attention point.

I always try to do a mix of more artistic look and also do traditional maternity portraits with a partner. Later you will see a real pregnancy clients gallery or how we mixed these two types of photography styles.

Artistic pregnancy photo ideas

There are different ways of how you can achieve artistic photo look. You can use different lighting, include floating fabrics, pregnancy dresses or other items. Images not always have to be sharp or properly posed.

Art is every photographer’s interpretation. It is a very personal decision on how to photograph the human body. At the same time, I respect my pregnancy clients and making sure they will love the results and work is sellable standard.

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Fine art and Nude artistic pregnancy photos 4

Sometimes I set up specific model calls to experiment and learn new techniques to achieve artistic looks. Model calls give freedom to play with no obligation from both sides. Find a technique you would like to learn and work on it until you are happy with results.

Ideas for boudoir maternity photography

You can do more boudoir maternity photography look as well. Play with body shapes and light. It can be a bit tricky for new starting photographers but do some research on lighting and body posing. It doesn’t have do be all sexy and all that. Focus more on the body and artistic moody lighting.

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Boudoir maternity photography idea

Fine art maternity photography

The idea of the fine art maternity photography can be very subjective. I interpret fine art with more traditional portrait lighting techniques and more painterly looks. Using textures and brushed look maternity photography. Emphasis always in on lighting and body posing.

maternity photography in dress
Fine art maternity photography
fine art pregnancy photography Edinburgh
Fine art pregnancy portrait using tulle fabric

Jen’s Maternity photo session.

Edinburgh pregnancy photographer
Jen picked this floaty fabric pose as one of her favourite poses.

Jen signed up for my watch me grow a program or as I call it Bump to Baby package. You can see an example of Bump to baby photography here. Jen wanted to create a mix of more artistic pregnancy photo ideas and some more traditional look as well.

Mum to be wearing a floaty dress during pregnancy photo session in Edinburgh
artistic pregnancy photos

Pregnancy sessions are always fun and relaxed. New mums enjoying full attention from their partners. I always recommend bringing a partner with you as they can help me with little things like moving hair out of the face, fixing fabrics or dresses etc. As much as partners say that they don’t want to be in photos, somewhere deep inside they actually want few photos as well.

Few more Jens pregnancy photography ideas.

I really love this set of photos. Love softness of the last portrait. It is so easy to make mistake with lighting pregnancy portraits in the wrong way and I hear lots of these stories. For you to get the best pregnancy bump shots, first of all, it is important that you are comfortable with your photographer and secondly make sure that photographer knows how to light these type of portraits. This probably would definitely mean that you can’t cut the corners if you want them to look beautiful.

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