Today we will talk about cake smash photography I offer at my Edinburgh studio. How the process runs and what to expect. You will see many cute images and a little backstage videos of how these photoshoots happen.
I have a fun and messy cake smash photo session to show you. Sophia-Belle reached a beautiful milestone, she just turned ONE! We celebrated her first birthday with a beautiful pink chocolate cake and she managed to smash it really well.

little baby girl is eating cake during the cake smash photoshoot

You might ask what is 1st Birthday Cake smash?

I have done cake smash photos in Edinburgh for the past few years now, and it is such fun to get these messy photos done. I keep it simple, but nice. I prefer background to be plain so we can concentrate on baby and cake eating tasks. The family is most welcome to bring their props, setups etc. Birthday cake smash session is becoming increasingly popular, and you can do them in different styles. Sometimes little ones get dressed in funny hats, and boys get outfits with ties etc.

My Baby Cake Smash Photography consists of three stages. Let me show you these.

Stage 1 - Baby Photos with Family

First, we start with baby portraits. We take a nice headshot, full body shots and beautiful family photo too. If the little one is walking, I take some walking shots as well. I will ask you if you prefer light or dark background photos and we start the session.

You can see more beautiful examples of my baby photography here. Some inspiration for sure.

Stage 2 - Cake Smash

After baby portraits are done we bring out the most important bit, nice soft giant chocolate or vanilla birthday cupcake :) You have choices of colours and our local bakery loves baking these. Little ones love to explore and find out what is that colourful tower and of course the fun begins with destroying the cake. Sometimes we need a little bit of encouragement, but generally, it all goes really well. I always ask parents to try a little tester at home to see if babies like the cake.

Watch Behind the Scenes Video of how we did a cake smash photos for little twin girls.

Cake Smash in Edinburgh | 1st Birthday Baby Photography Celebration 18

Cake Smash Photography Gallery

See my cake smash photography portfolio here. Definitely very messy there. Plus lots of splashes in the bath too.

“ The session was a great laugh! Armands was fantastic with both children, playing with them, teasing them etc. His energy was sooo impressive.  The end result was a wide variety of high-quality photos, which is a testament to his energy and, of course, his skill. My favourite part was the cake destruction of course and watching Evie exploring it. Very amusing and beautiful images. Thank you Armands."


Stage 3 of the photo session. Bath splashes.

Once the cake is trashed, and the belly is full, everything is in a mess, we bring out the bath and wash our little birthday people. Let them splash and start the bubble machine :) Trust me it can get flooded around my place. Splashes go everywhere and trust me no encouragement needed here :) Very often the most fun part for little ones!

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Here is a photo gallery of little Sophia-Belle’s 1st birthday cake smash.

As you can see it is a pretty comprehensive photo session. We have three stages to cover and this normally results in 60+ photos from your photo session. Beautiful set to print in album or make nice wall gallery.

Pricing for the Cake Smash Photography

Cake smash session

Session fee is £85. This includes the exclusive use of my photography studio (up to several hours, as required), the photographer’s talent (and a personalised giant cupcake cake for the photoshoot). Normally from these sessions, you would have 60+ images to choose from at your viewing appointment.

Digital image collection start from £295. We do offer a wall and album products too. Get in touch for the full infomation.