Hi guys. Finishing my family photography season and still have lots of session to share. Today wanted to share beautiful beach family portrait session I did on my favourite Gullane beach. We had great fun running around and having fun time. Girls totally soaked while running in water and I had to watch myself not drop my camera with all craziness going around :)

Not always it has to be still studio portraits, it can be also awesome outdoors activities portraits.

family beach portrait session-001

This was my third time when we met to do beautiful photos. First time I met family when I was photographing little Kara’ s newborn photographs. Year and and a bit after I met Kara’ s little sister and did some gorgeous portraits of her and both of them together and now we came together for full family session. It is fantastic to meet families over and over and see how their families are growing.

Here you can see both girls. Chubby cheeks and those model lips :)

Edinburgh newborn photographer-001-2Edinburgh newborn photographer-001

Here is both girls together :)

Edinburgh newborn photographer-001

So back to the beach family session. At the beginning we did few nice formals, photographed few individual portraits and only then decided to head over and have some beach splashing photos. This is pretty much always same plan. Not sure if we would want a family photo with everyone soaked trough and sand stuck everywhere :) Normally I don’t tend to photograph during the midday time as sun is very high, but recently have done lots of sessions mid day and don’t have much of a problem with bright sun. Well…usually there is not much sun anyway :) It is Scotland. I shouldn’t complain as this summer actually was quiet good with sunny warm days.

Here is the little selection of images from our portrait session. Of course we took a lot more images, but these should give you enough idea of how great it was. Love beach sessions, LOVE. Probably second best thing I love to do after newborn sessions.

edinburgh family photographer-001

family photos on the beach-002

family photos on the beach-001

edinburgh children photographer-002

edinburgh children photographer-003

edinburgh children photographer-004

edinburgh children photographer-001

gullane family photography-004

gullane family photography-001

beach family portrait session-002

beach family portrait session-001

fun family photography edinburgh-001

beach family portrait session-003

edinburgh beach photo session-003

edinburgh beach photo session-004

edinburgh beach photo session-005

edinburgh beach photo session-006

edinburgh beach photo session-007

edinburgh children photographer-005

beach family portrait session-004


Summer session season is pretty much done, but those of you who still thinking to do a last minute family fun session, it is not too late. I always prefer to do outdoors work, it is so much more interesting for all of us.

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