Have you ever wondered what it would be like when you don’t need to pose for family photos? Someone would just follow you and record whatever is happening at that time. Like a photojournalist type of approach. Toady I would like to talk about my Day in Life projects and natural family portraits. 

Child playing at play park during family portrait photo session

I have photographed families for a while now. I started with my studio work, but very soon I realised that my preference is outdoors. Then I made a decision to focus on beach family work. Last summer I spent a lot of time capturing families outdoors. 

As a photographer I evolve and try to find new ways or ideas. I’m afraid that is just who I am. I can’t sit still in one place, I itch to get going and open new doors. 

Around a year ago I got inspired by Kirsten Lewis. Her natural storytelling portraits are just amazing. She was talking about spending longer time with family rather the that 2 hour shoots what I was doing before. I loved the idea just being there and observing and waiting for those moments to unfold. 

I was hooked and my head was going crazy to start working on this.

I announced model call and few families came back. One of them was Thomson family. I have photographed them before and I knew it will be interesting shoot. We decided that I will come early in morning and stay till afternoon. Elicia might be too tired to get trough whole 12 hr portrait shoot.


Here is what Alison said about the photo session.

” We have had a few studio photoshoots with Armands in the past capturing Elicia’s first year and so when Armands suggested we try “A day in the life” type shoot we were very excited as we knew we would not be disappointed. We wanted relaxed, natural photos which would reflect Elicia’s personality and we could keep forever.

Armands was very accommodating to our daily routine and came over to our house at 7am so he could capture the moments from Elicia first waking up. Armands took the time to get to know Elicia again and instantly won her over with his fun and playful personality. That alone was an achievement as Elicia often shies away from people she doesn’t see very regularly.

Throughout the day Armands was both imaginative & patient & made us all feel very much at ease. We went to our local park where Elicia loves to play and just did what she loves doing. This was very different to any photoshoot we’ve experienced or heard of before. Armands was able to create beautiful real life images that capture the spirit and essence of our family.

I feel like we had a very special time as a family, focussing on Elicia. It really felt like a family day, not a photoshoot.
He was lovely to have around & his energy and optimism are second to none. By the end of the day Elicia was having so much fun with Armands that she started putting on her shoes to leave with him when he was going home!

We were completely blown away by the end result. We now have beautiful keepsakes which have real memories attached to them as they were taken in our family home and reflect a typical Saturday visiting our local park and doing all the things we love doing as a family. We will definitely be using Armands again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.” 
Thank you so much Armands. You’re amazing :-)

Day in Life Thomson family portraits. 

And there you have it. Beautiful results and very special keepsakes for families. Personally I really believe that these types of special family moments will resonate better with memories then plain sit down portrait with everyone perfectly smiling at the camera. You get to see how your family was at that particular time and what the children were like. If they had a tantrums, too much fun or just quietly reading a book. I love documenting my own family this way too. Just those little snippets of life.

If you would like to know more about these sessions. Please contact studio here