Edinburgh pregnancy photographer
Jen picked this floaty fabric pose as one of her favourite pregnancy photos poses.

Hello everyone. I’m catching up with all my lovely summer work and today wanted to share a nice artistic pregnancy photography portrait session done at my Edinburgh studio. Some portraits are more simple and some have more artistic portrait flare. 

Edinburgh artistic pregnancy portraits

Pregnancy photographer in Edinburgh including props into the photos

Jen signed up for my watch me grow a program or as I call it Bump to Baby package.  You can see an example of   Bump to baby photography here.  Jen wanted to create nice story about her babies first-year journey. 

She made a decision to start the program with pregnancy photos. The Baby year can start either with pregnancy photography or with newborn photography. She really wanted to capture her maternity stage so we started with that.

Pregnancy sessions are always fun and relaxed. New mums enjoying full attention from their partners. I always recommend bringing a partner with you as they can help me with little things like moving hair out of the face, fixing fabrics or dresses etc. 

Also as much as partners say that they don’t want to be in photos, somewhere deep inside they actually want few photos as well :) Every time couples leave and say how much they actually have enjoyed the process of the pregnancy photo session.

For some families, this might be the first and only one pregnancy and for some, this might be the last one. In any case, I think it is great to have a few keepsake photos from your maternity stage. 

Few more Jens pregnancy photography ideas.

If you book a premium maternity session with me, you then would make a selection of various pregnancy photography poses from my website. I also have an inspiration maternity photography board on Pinterest where you could choose some ideas as well.

Here is a little set of Jen’s pregnancy portraits.

Not necessarily you will show them to everyone, but few years down the line you will still look back at them and will enjoy memories.

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I really love this set of photos. Love softness of the last portrait. It is so easy to make mistake with lighting pregnancy portraits in the wrong way and I hear lots of these stories. For you to get the best pregnancy bump shots, first of all, it is important that you are comfortable with your photographer and secondly make sure that photographer knows how to light these type of portraits. This probably would definitely mean that you can’t cut the corners if you want them to look beautiful.

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Ask questions or schedule an appointment I would love to chat with you.

Can’t wait now to meet their little daughter and create some gorgeous newborn photos as well.

Thank you all for coming along and I shall see you back here real soon.