Hi guys. Excited to share with you gorgeous photos from little Lucas’s modelling session. I’m so so pleased with this set. Managed to do really nice stool images and nice black and white close ups as well. He was such a great poser. Family must be chuffed to bits and I have beautiful classic baby portrait photography for my portfolio.

Here is images from session with Lucas.

Edinburgh baby portrait photography


baby photographers edinburgh

baby photographers edinburgh 1

baby photographers edinburgh-6

baby photographers edinburgh 4

baby photographers edinburgh-12

baby photographers edinburgh 5

baby photographers edinburgh-7

baby photographers edinburgh-8

baby photographers edinburgh-9

baby photographers edinburgh.3

baby photographers edinburgh-11

baby photographers edinburgh-10

How is this fantastic set for you?! Just love it :) Just great to see how happy he was and how we managed to create some fantastic heirloom baby photos for the family.

Just love what I do and love to see few tears in clients eyes when they first time to see photos. Love to touch parent hearts with the best baby photos they have ever seen.

Thank you all for coming along and I look forward to share more image stories with you all.